How to fix cant remove Bluetooth device on windows 10


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If you have paired a Bluetooth device on your windows 10 successfully and added Bluetooth device and when you attempt or trying to remove device from your windows 10 then you may receive error or cant remove Bluetooth device on windows 10 or failed to remove Bluetooth device from your computer, there are simple steps you can follow to remove Bluetooth device, lets see them in detail below.

Can’t remove Bluetooth device on windows 10:

Step 1: In windows search bar -> Search Device Manger and open Device manager settings

VD - Disabled

Step 2: Device Manger Menu ->Click on View and select Show Hidden devices.

Step 3: Now, Expand Bluetooth->Now your device will be listed here.

Step 4: Go ahead and select the device ->Right click on it and -> Uninstall device to remove the device from PC.

That’s it, this is how you remove a Bluetooth device when you cant remove Bluetooth device normally using windows 10 Bluetooth settings and if this method didn’t work you can follow other methods below to fix cant remove Bluetooth device on windows 10.

Remove Bluetooth Device using Command Line(CMD)

Step 1: Go to google and search for command line tools

Step 2: visit : website and scroll down and find download Bluetooth command line tool setup package and click on it and download.

Step 3: Run downloaded blutoothinstaller dot exe file on your windows 10 computer and install it on your computer ( follow on screen instruction to install Bluetooth command line installer).

NOTE: Make sure you check -> Add Bluetooth command line tools directory path

Step 4: Now Right click on Windows button and click on PowerShell admin.

Step 5: In PowerShell execute this command -> btpair -u and hit enter.

Step 6: Now, after executing btpair -u all the paired device will be unpaired and removed from your windows 10 computer.

That’s it, Now, you have successfully remove Bluetooth device which you cant remove from your windows 10 computer.

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How to remove Bluetooth Device from Windows Settings:

Step 1: In windows search bar ->  Type in Bluetooth settings and open system settings of Bluetooth.

Step 2: In Bluetooth and other device settings->Turn on Bluetooth

Step 3: Click on the device you want to remove and click on Remove.

That’s it, this is how you remove Bluetooth device from windows 10.

Remove Bluetooth Device using regedit (registry editor)?

Open registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services and find the driver which you want to delete and select delete.

Uninstall Bluetooth Drivers but still Bluetooth Device appearing?

If you have successfully uninstalled Bluetooth device and remove paired device, then after restarting your computer it will display and it will get installed by default. To get rid of this problem you need to disable Bluetooth.


How to remove paired Bluetooth device from windows 10?

Go to Bluetooth settings->Select the paired device and click on it and click on Remove device.

How to fix Bluetooth failed to remove device?

You can remove by uninstalling Bluetooth drivers from device manager and use Bluetooth command line tool and also remove Bluetooth by registry editor.

Bluetooth command line tool command to remove Bluetooth device?

btpair -u is the command which remove Bluetooth devices.

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