Fix camera not working says we can't find your camera in windows 10

Fix camera not working: We can’t find your camera in windows 10

When you are trying to access your camera suddenly due to no reason you notice camera not working and windows 10 prompts with error we cant find your camera in windows 10 error this error will cause mainly due to outdated drivers, allow access to camera and once you update drivers and restart your laptop or pc will fix this issue and its frustrating as well and everything on your windows 10 laptop seems to be working fine with not errors but when you turn on camera or trying to attend any video conference or trying to share video windows 10 suddenly says we cant find your camera and you will notice camera not working or something is wrong with your camera on your windows 10 laptop and this can be fixed easily by following few simple steps below:

Fix camera not working says we can't find your camera in windows 10-error

Windows 10 will not allow you to turn on your camera feature and get start with your camera and follow these idea and recommendations to fix we cant find your camera error 0xa00f4244 code by updating drivers or unblocking antivirus software and couple of different ways to fix this camera app not working.

How to Fix We can’t find your camera in windows 10:

Enable camera option using keyboard:

If you have pressed camera button accidentally, then you need to enable it from you keyboard using function key and camera button. If you disable it will not get access to your camera and keeps on showing this error even after successfully performing all below steps. So make sure you enable camera option using function key and camera button.

Updating privacy setting and fix camera app not working

Step 1: In windows search bar type camera and open camera App.

Step 2: once you open camera app it says “we can’t find your camera” error and it also provides error code here.

Step 3: Now in windows search bar type privacy settings.


Step 4: Open privacy settings

Step 5: Scroll down on your left side panel and click on Camera

Step 6: Now click on change under Allow access to the camera on this device.


Step 7: Make sure your camera access to this device is on.

Step 8: Also turn on allow access to camera.


Step 9: Also turn on camera app to access your camera to use camera.

turn on camera app

Note: If you want other apps to allow your camera then enable it from here ex: if you are using skype and want skype to use your camera then you should enable and allow skype to access your camera, and also block it from here as well and access camera from here.

That’s it, now go ahead and open camera application on your windows 10, now your camera not working should get on going good with camera up and running without any error. For instance, if you see your camera is still having same issue, try below methods to fix camera not working (we can’t find your camera).

Reset Camera App to fix We Can’t Find Your Camera Error:

Step 1: Search for camera app in windows 10 search.

Step 2: Right click on it and click on APP Settings:

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Reset button and click on Reset.

That’s it, camera has been reset on your windows 10 computer and should start working normal as before without showing any error we can’t find your camera.

Update Camera Driver Software:

Step 1: Right click on windows button and open device manager.

Step 2: Find camera or imaging option(video) in device manager.

Note: if you can’t see camera drivers in device manager that means you camera drivers option is disabled and on your keyboard press function key plus camera icon key and camera drivers will be displayed in device manager.

Step 3: Now go to Device manger and now you will see camera option.

Step 4: Now click camera application and click on update drivers.

That’s it, once you have updated drives now you will be able to access your camera on your laptop.

What are the causes of we can’t find your camera error in windows 10?

There are many reasons for camera not working or cant open camera and will show we cant find your camera err and few of the main reasons are:

1: Outdated drivers

2: Firewall blocking

3: Disabled camera option. (main reason).

4: Not allowing access to camera in camera app settings.

Can’t find camera drivers option in device manager?

Press function key + camera option key on your laptop keyboard to list camera app drivers on device manager. If it is disabled camera drivers will not show in device manager.

How to fix we can’t find your camera error?

Update camera app drivers, enable access to camera on your compute, enable access using keyboard function key, reset camera app will help fix we can’t find your camera err as explained in this article.

Causes of we can’t find your camera error?

Firewall blocking, app access settings, outdated drivers, disabling camera to allow access.