How to Fix Camera Not Working on MacBook Pro


On your MacBook pro, when you are trying to open camera app and your camera is not responding or your macbook built in camera is not working or external camera or applications like zoom, skype, facetime are not able to access camera application then you can fix this issue of camera app not working on macbook pro.

If your camera app is not working on your macbook pro or there is no connected camera macbook then first you need to check and enable camera on macbook pro and allow access to camera and restart your macbook pro

How to fix Camera Not Working on MacBook Pro

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix the camera not working on your macbook pro or air and get back your camera working on your Macbook on macOS Monterey.

Clean MacBook Pro Camera

If your macBook pro camera is filled with dust or covered with dust then your macbook pro camera will not work, grab a soft cloth and clean your macbook pro camera and then if the issue is with dust particles covered on your macbook pro then your issue of camera not working on your macbook pro or air will be resolved.

Force Quit or Restart the Apps on Which MacBook Pro camera is Not working

Sometimes, there may be an issue with the application that you are using on your macbook pro as well, like zoom call camera not working on Macbook pro or skype or google hangout or facetime or any other applications as well due to temporary or software glitches.

So, go ahead and force quit and restart applications on Macbook pro.

Step 1: Click on Apple logo on top menu

Step 2: Select Force Quit

Step 3: Now, select the applications that are running and close force quit apps.

Step 4: Once you force quit application then you need to open the application again and your camera not working issue will be resolved.

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Allow Camera Permissions

Most of the time due to insufficient camera permissions to apps, your macbook pro camera will not work or access camera to launch it on your MacBook pro when trying to launch camera on your MacBook due to permissions and you need to allow permissions to that app to open camera on MacBook pro.

Step 1: Go to apple logo and click on system Preferences

Step 2: Now, Click on Security and Privacy.

Step 3: On left side menu -> Click on camera

Step 4: Under privacy tab -> Click on the check box Next to the application that you want to access the camera and you may need to ask to enter your macbook pro password if prompted to enter.

Step 5: Once you allow permissions for the application to access camera you need to close and open the application on your macbook to make these changes reflected.

That;s it, once you allow camera application and allow permissions then your issue of camera not working on macbook pro or air issue will be resolved successfully.

Run DiagnosticTool

Overall, the Diagnostic tool will help you fix any problems on your MacBook pro or air as well.

Step 1: Press control + Space and search for the activity monitor and open it.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots drop down menu on top and select system diagnostics.

Step 3: Click on Ok in the pop up box and enter your macbook pro password and click on ok.

Step 4: Wait for your MacBook pro to run the diagnostic tool and once you run the diagnostic tool then you need to restart your macbook pro and your issue of mac camera not working will be fixed.

Update your MacBook pro to Latest macOS

Due to software glitches or outdated macOS on your macbook pro you may lead to this issue and you need to update your macbook to the latest version and once updated go ahead and open your macbook pro camera and it will be working fine without any issue.

Why Camera Not Working on MacBook Pro

On your MacBook Pro, if your macbook pro camera application is allowed to access camera for specific application n 

How do I activate the camera on my Macbook Pro?

You need to click on the apple logo -> System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Click on Camera on the left side and click the check box and enable and activate the camera for app that you want to allow.


Why is my Mac camera showing a black screen?

Change screen time settings and enabled -> System Preferences -> Content and Privacy -> Click Apps -> Click check box next to camera and enable it.

MacBook Pro camera not working no green light

If your MacBook Camera not working or not showing green light then you need to reset smc and force restart and update your mac to latest version of macOS

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