How to fix Samsung Smart tv App Store Black Screen

How to fix Samsung Smart tv App Store Black Screen

  • To fix Samsung smart tv apps store black screen issues -> you need to update your Samsung tv to the latest software version.
  • Quick Fix: try restarting your Samsung smart tv by unplugging your  tv.
  • Reset Smart hub to its default setting in order to get up and running.

Today Samsung smart tv is one of the most popular products which we can find in the market. Some technical glitches will take place as it is an electronic product with software features. Some smart tv apps in samsung including youtube, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and many more. We can use these apps for watching tv shows and movies and there will be several factors which may cause Samsung smart tv app store black screen like software glitches etc.

How to fix Samsung Smart tv App Store Black Screen

Follow these troubleshooting methods to fix samsung tv app store black screen issue.

Fix Samsung Smart TV App Store Black Screen

Update Samsung tv software

To overcome glitches and other issues in Samsung we need to update the software. This may be caused by your app store not being compatible with the latest software. To resolve the issue follow the below mentioned instructions.

Step 1: Firstly, go to menu on your samsung remote control

Step 2: Next, choose support option

Step 3: Followed by choosing software updates

Step 4: Finally, tap on press Enter

If your Samsung device is not belongs to the latest version or it is from 2012 series, in this series updates is not available, else their instructions are not compatible with latest version. For this you can update your tv software by using USB-Stick manually.

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Reset Smart Hub

If you are resetting smart hub means you are removing all apps one by one from Samsung smart tv and reinstalling it again. To finish the process follow the below steps.

Step 1: Exit from smart hub.

Step 2: From your remote control choose menu option followed by smart hub.

Step 3: Then choose smart hub reset. After that you will receive a warning popup that with this option all your apps that will be erased

Step 4: Now enter your pin if prompted. If it does not work contact Samsung support team.

Cold boot your Samsung smart tv

While cold boot is not similar to turning off again turn on your tv. It will put your tv in standby. If your putting your tv in cold boot means shutting down tv and rebooting it. With this you may resolve the issue. We can perform thus process in two ways.

  • Unplugging tv

It means remove the power cord from your power protector or wall outlet. And now wait at least 40 seconds and plug it back again.

  • By using remote control

In order to perform the operation in a easiest way we can choose this method. For this we need to hold down the power button till the tv turnoff and back on. It will take at least 10 seconds.

Check for Network Connection 

You need a strong network connection for using app store. To resolve the issue use only LAN or cable connection instead of choosing wireless connection. Beacuse wireless connection may cause error or prones.