How to fix Sanyo Smart tv Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to fix Sanyo Smart tv Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Quick fix for sanyo smart tv not connecting to wifi is restarting your router / modem and disconnect  it and wait for 30 seconds and turn it on and connect sanyo smart tv to wifi.
  • Also make sure that your router or modem is close enough to your smart tv and in range with sanyo smart tv.

If you are watching some interesting shows on Sanyo smart tv, when you face buffering issue you get annoyed. This occurs due to network issues which play a big part while streaming contents on your Sanyo smart tv. There may be several factors for not connecting to Wi-Fi mainly culprit will be your router or modem and always update sanyo smart tv to latest version. In this post we are providing  some solutions to this issue. Well, Sanyo smart tv was designed in such a way that you can stream endless contents without any global timing restrictions. While in-built wireless LAN is the best feature of Sanyo smart tv.

Sanyo Smart tv Not Connecting to WIFI

Follow below methods and tests to fix sanyo smart tv not connecting to wifi or frequent wifi disconnection issues.

Run internet Speed Test

One of the best ways to know the Wi-Fi not connecting or internet speed slow. First ensure that all the devices are disconnected from the network. And check the network issue. If you are unable to find out, proceed with further steps. 

Examine Sanyo Smart tv

Firstly, check your smart tv condition. Ensure that there is any serious damage. Then fix the issue or replace the part with new one as soon as possible.

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Disconnect Multiple Devices

If you connect too many devices to the similar Wi-Fi network it may not work properly. In this way you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi. For better output, disconnect few devices from the Wi-Fi network.

Reboot Wi-Fi Router

One of the better way to resolve the issue of Sanyo smart tv not connecting to Wi-Fi. First reboot your Wi-Fi router by unplugging the device from the power source. Now wait atleast 2-3 minutes and plug it back again. With this you can overcome the issue.

Check Your Device or Wi-Fi range

Many times if you unable to connect your Sanyo smart tv to Wi-Fi, beacuse smart tv is far away from Wi-Fi network. Due to this reason you may unable to connect your smart tv to Wi-Fi. So it’s better to position your Sanyo smart tv and Wi-Fi router in closer position to avoid this type of issue.

Relocate Modem/Wi-Fi position

One of the reliable and best way to overcome the issue  of Wi-Fi not connecting to Sanyo smart tv. Also not let your Wi-Fi overheated by placing it on thick surfaces. Ensure to place it in a free surroundings. Overheating problem will also leads to this issue. Still if you have any issue its better to contact Sanyo smart tv team. Also you can contact your internet service provider.

By following the above methods and steps you can easily fix sanyo smart tv not connecting to wifi issue.