How to Fix Sanyo Smart TV Black Screen

Black screen issue on sanyo smart tv or it can be samsung tv, sony smart tv, hisense smart tv, Toshiba smart tv, Vizio smart tv, LG smart tv, Westinghouse smart tv, Roku device, firestick or it can be any device is common and by following simple troubleshooting methods you can easily fix sanyo smart tv black screen issue.

So you have a Sanyo smart TV and you have an issue like maybe you have a  black screen or maybe it’s flickering black screen or blank screen,  if you’re just like on the regular TV channel or when you’re watching a movie or show, Anyway, we are gonna give you guys three solutions get you up and running right now the thing is these three solutions will help you fix black screen issue on sanyo smart tv.

How to fix Sanyo Smart tv Black Screen 

By following below methods you can fix sany smart tv black screen isssue on your own.

Power Reset

Step 1:  Make sure you have your TV  turned ON.

Step 2: Now,  go to wherever it’s plugged into like your wall socket or whatnot and then pull the plug and dicsonnet from power sources.

Step 3: Now,  wait 30 seconds after, and  after 30 seconds go ahead and plug it back in and then turn your TV on.

Once you power rest by unplugging cable and turning it on, mostly sanyo smart tv black screen isssue will be resolve and see if you have any black screen or flickering black screen still then go with other methods mentioned below.

Restart Sanyo Smart tv using Key Combination

Step 1: In this step we’re going to restart the TV using a special key combination on the remote. 

Step 2: The special key combination is press the home button five times + once rewind twice + fast forward twice. Now it’s gonna freeze on the screen and then from here  it is going to reboot the TV two times. 

Step 3: After your TV is booted back up, go ahead and see if you have any black screen or black screen flickering issues. Okay if you still have an issue then we’re going to go ahead and reset the audio and picture settings.

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Check Power Cables

If power cables are not conencted properly then you can get black screen on sanyo smart tv and you need to remove and plug power cables back and then check.

Check for Faulty Cables – HDMI or Power Cables

If power cables becomes faulty then you will see black screen as there is no power source inputting to sanyo smart tv and you need to get a new power cable or hdmi cable and plug it to back of sanyo smart tv and then check and black screen issue will be resolved.

Reset Audio or Picture Settings

Step 1:  Go ahead and grab your remote press on the home button.

Step 2:  and in the left pane go all the way down to Settings right there and then move over to the right then go all the way down to the system right there then move over to the right and now we want to go all the way down to advanced system settings. 

Step 3: In advanced system settings move over to  factory reset now move over one more time and right there it says reset TV audio slash picture settings.

Step 4: So, if you want to proceed you need to go ahead and press the play pause button right there and press it three times.

Step 5: Now, it will automatically reboot the TV. 

This only takes like 15 seconds but once it’s booted back up go ahead and see if you have no longer have a black screen or flickering black screen issue. If it still exist then follow step 4.

Factory Reset 

Step 1: Now the last step I have is to try a factory reset.  On the same page if you go down there you can factory reset everything but you need to move over there and you see like a four digit code they give you.

Step 2: You need to input those four digit codes and then go down to okay.

Now it’s going to perform the factory reset where basically it’s going to reduce everything on the TV and once it’s done with the factory reset it’s going to be as if you bought it brand new and took it out of the box now the thing is if you have a completely black screen and you’re not able to do a factory reset you can’t see anything on the screen then you can always do a factory reset.

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