How to Fix Sanyo Smart tv Remote Control Not Working

  • To fix the Sanyo Smart tv remote not working you need to reboot Sanyo tv and clean your Sanyo smart tv remote.
  • Program your Sanyo smart tv remote and change batteries with new one to if the batteries are drained out.

You get frustrated when your remote control suddenly stops working without any explanation. Of your Sanyo Smart tv is older model and your remote control became old. So, it may not work properly. If you don’t know how to reset your remote control you may face the issue. While there are many reasons your tv not responding to remote control

What Cause Sanyo Smart tv Remote Control Not to Work

1)If your batteries won’t connect correctly, your remote control won’t work properly

2) Also once check the batteries properly inserted into the back panel

3)While it may have some interrupting problem in the signal

4)If you won’t point your remote control correct to the right part of your smart tv

5) And you need to reprogram you’re remote control

If you want to find out the issue you need to put your remote control some close to the tv, while pointing directly to the tv front panel. If you reduce the distance between remote control and tv you may overcome the issue. Also this issue is occurred to inferring electrical in the room.

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How to Fix Sanyo Smart tv Remote Not Working Issue

Below troubleshooting method will help you fix sanyo smart tv remote not working or power button or any other button not wokring issue

Reboot Sanyo tv

Sometimes you may find a case like that your tv remote control work fine and tv any have the issue. To overcome the issue, turnoff the power of your tv, and wait atleast for 1-2 minutes and again turn it back with your remote control. If it is does not work correctly then the issue it with your remote control.

Reset Sanyo tv Remote Control

One of the best way to fix the issue of Sanyo smart tv remote not working is to check the batteries, if you don’t replace them within the time you may face the issue. If you still facing the issue means it might the remote control inside problem. So, here are few ways to reset your Sanyo tv remote control

Step 1: Firstly, remove your tv remote control batteries and hold the power button of your remote control for 30 seconds 

Step 2: Next, clean the panel of the batteries with a cotton buds

Step 3: Now wait for 1 minute and place the new batteries in to it

If you still facing the problem then simply go with the universal replacement for your remote control 

How to Programme Sanyo Smart tv Universal Remote 

Step 1: Firstly, hold code search key till it light and next press and release the key

Step 2: Now enter the Sanyo smart tv universal code it almost same I.e., 049

Step 3: Check Once after entering the code, if you enter the wrong code, your tv light will flash rapidly.

Step 4: After successfully dine with the process now point your Sanyo smart tv remote control at the tv and tap the on/off button

Step 5: If it still does not work then use the 054, 025, 069, 023 codes by following the above steps.

That’s it, this is how you program sanyo smart tv universal remote and fix sanyo smart tv not working issues.

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