How to Clear Data & Clear Cache on LG smart TV

  • To clear cache on LG smart tv -> System settings -> Application Manager -> Choose apps and clear cache and clear data.
  • It is always recommended to clear cache and clear data on lg smart tv twice in a month or weekly once to avoid issues with apps stopping responding or apps crashing and other issues.

If apps are not responding on lg smart tv then you need to clear app cache and if your lg smart tv is not responding then you need to clear lg smart tv system cache in order to get rid of the issue on lg smart tv.

The term cache is defined in terms of software or hardware component which stores your request that can be easily retrieved for future browsing. Cache data can be simply a result of earlier browsing or copy of data stored somewhere else. Well, cache is found in every app and also your browsing apps. With this you can access the browsed day very quickly locally than the internet.

Similarly like your laptops, mobile devices and smart tv also contain this type of issue like filling internal memory. So, it is more efficient to use smart tv because the memory space in smart tv is not enough compared with capacity. Here are some ways to clear cache in LG smart tv.

How to Clear Data and Clear Cache on LG Smart tv

To clear cache and clear data of lg smart tv, follow below methods to clear individual app and preloaded apps cache on lg tv.

Clear Individual Apps Cache on LG Smart tv 

Whenever you are facing the storage problem thus any occurred due to only certain apps, for thus you need to clear the cache of that exact app by following the below steps 

Step 1: Firstly, from your home page go to system settings.

Step 2: Then move to application manager

Step 3: Next it displays a list of preloaded and installed apps

Step 4: After that choose the app on which you want to clear the cache

Step 5: Then click on clear cache button

With this steps you can easily clear the cache of particular app.

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Clear All Cache Data on LG Smart tv

If you browse something on LG smart tv it means you’re saving browsed data and it saves. You can overcome this problem by following the below steps.

Step 1: Firstly, power ON your LG smart tv

Step 2: Then open your search engine and tap on menu followed by settings

Step 3: Now tap on clear browsing data

Step 4: Finally, choose ok to continue the deletion process

With these steps you can make your device cache-free and more efficient.

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