how to fix Redmi tv remote not working

How to Fix Redmi TV Remote Not Working

  • Check your redmi tv remote batteries and insert new batteries in your redmi tv remote.
  • Pair Redmi tv remote again and restore batteries.
  • Use the Redmi tv remote control app to control your redmi smart tv.
  • Unpair and Pair your redmi tv again in order to fix redmi tv remote not working issues.

When you try to turn on your redmi tv with remote control and when you press power button on redmi remote then the tv will not turn on and wondering how to turn on redmi tv without using remote?. There are a couple of simple methods and you can use redmi tv remote control app to turn on redmi tv in this situation. You need to follow in order to get your redmi tv remote working. Most of the time dust particles or batteries will be leading to the issue of redmi tv remote not working.

Redmi is the sub brand owned by company Chinese electronics “Xiaomi”. Both mi and Redmi are the brand series with lower price launched in India with better hardware, high end specifications, better quality sound and user friendly remote launched its first Redmi Smart TV series in India in March 2021. It has many specifications as same as MI QLED TV, while it was launched Xiaomi back in December 2021.

It does not function the way the IR smart TV remote. It uses Bluetooth for functioning of Redmi TV Remote and it surely a better idea compared to usual IR Remote. Sometimes, Redmi TV Remote refuses to pair with Android TV Box and you may think remote is not working. 

We can solve the Redmi TV remote not working by using below methods.

How to fix Redmi tv Remote not working?

Check Remote Batteries:

Batteries that come longer when we purchase it with TV as we purchase in the market. Sometimes you need to change batteries and unfortunately you purchase a lower quality. And that you need to confirm Redmi Tv remote batteries life has finished because it is a very basic thing.

 Get a new set of batteries with high quality and see the remote is working or not. If problem is not about the battery let’s try for another solution.

Pair Redmi tv Remote: Take out and restore battery:

Because the TV remote works with Bluetooth and it may not pair. Take out both the batteries and hold for some time or rub the cells to get some heat to cells.

Put them back in battery place, by repeating it several times, may connect at one time and appears the option “pair” on screen.

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Utilize android TV Remote control app:

Use your android mobiles to control android TV box if you feel like cannot use Redmi remote and ensure that you have downloaded Android TV app.

Smartphones and Redmi boxes have connected to the same WI-FI network and pairing is also simple. When Redmi box remote fails to connect then Android app and Android TV box can be used.

UnPair and RePair:

This solution can be attempted when any solution is not working if you really want to restart your device.

  • By using android TV app as remote, go to settings on Xiaomi Redmi box.
  • Choose Xiaomi Remote under remote and accessories.
  • Then select Unpair under Redmi remote.

After this, an instruction ask you to pair remote will appear. Select the required button and ensure the remote is near the box and it will connect automatically. By doing this Xiaomi Redmi remote will control the Android box.

Restart the Redmi android TV box:

Bluetooth remote disconnects automatically from device and pairing issues becomes the remote has to be very close to device.

Restart android TV box and remote is near to Redmi box during start up. It will start functioning properly after boot up is completed.

Get a New Redmi Remote:

You have followed above steps, still you have facing issues with Redmi remote of your TV box, there is a chance of Redmi remote fault itself. If you brought the new device then you have the chance for replacement of new Redmi remote.

Note: There is no solution to fix the problem better to bring New remote from online store and only place to find new one.