How to Pair OnePlus Smart tv Remote to TV

To use oneplus smart tv remote with your oneplus smart tv you need to pair remote with tv and then start using oneplus tv remote and if oneplus tv remote is not paired with tv then remote control will not work and you can easily pair oneplus tv remote with tv and use oneplus tv remote control or voice control as well.

Oneplus smart tv supports voice control and it can connect with bluetooth and you need to pair your oneplus tv remote with your tv once and start using and pairing process is pretty simple and easy.

Before pairing oneplus tv remote with your tv, you need to make sure that your oneplus tv remote is close to your oneplus tv and stand close to tv or else it will not get detected and paired with your tv and distance should be one meter.

Pair OnePlus Smart tv Remote

Follow below steps and start pairing your oneplus tv remote with oneplus tv.

Step 1: Turn on OnePlus Smart tv Remote

Step 2: Grab your oneplus tv remote and press and hold left button and home button simultaneously and make sure you are close to your oneplus tv.

Step 3: Now, release these keys once you see pairing option and wait for it to pair and once it gets paired you can start using oneplus smart tv remote and use voice control on oneplus tv remote and give voice commands.

Pair or Add OnePlus Smart tv Remote to tv

Step 1: Go to settings on oneplus tv and select remote and Accessories

Step 2: Press and hold left arrow and home button together for 3 to 5 seconds and then you will see oneplus smart tv remote gets detected and it will be displayed.

Step 3: Select Oneplus smart tv remote here and then wait for your oneplus smart tv to pair it with your oneplus tv.

Once it gets paired successfully, then start using oneplus tv remote and also use voice control commands and start navigating your oneplus tv.

What to Do if Remote is Not Pairing with OnePlus Smart tv

Make sure remote batteries are new and stand close to your oneplus tv and try power resetting or soft reset oneplus smart tv and check if there is a hardware problem and get a new remote and pair oneplus tv remote again and check.

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