how to pair samsung smart tv remote

How to Pair Samsung Smart TV Remote and Use Samsung Remote

If you want to access your samsung smart tv, you have to pair your remote with Samsung smart tv first. This smart remote control enables us to navigate through smart tv without any effort and thus, you will end your day with a good time. Before performing the pairing function it is better to turn on your tv and place the remote control within a foot of the tv. So, in this post we are providing some instructions on how to pair up your Samsung smart tv with your smart remote control.

How to Pair Samsung Smart tv Remote and Use

Follow below methods to pair samsung smart tv remote and how to use samsung smart tv remote guides.

Turn the Remote Control

Firstly, take your remote control and turn it to back side. Their you will notice backside of the remote control was exposed

Open Down Arrow

At remote control backside you will notice a down arrow which is located at the bottom of the remote control. Which you to open up the backside of the remote control.

Place Batteries 

Once done with opening back side of the remote control, then insert two batteries in that place. This will help to turn remote.

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Aim IR Sensor

Now point your remote control towards your tv with a distance of 12 inches from tv screen. If your remote control is activated for the first time, now try to pair up your tv

Press Any Button

After that, start operating remote control by pressing any button on the remote other than power button. Next it will start displaying pairing related matter on the left bottom of the screen

Wait till Pairing to Complete

Now wait till pairing process to finish, once done with pairing then your remote ready and start to use it. If pairing is not done successfully then move forward with manual operations.

Press Extra and return buttons simultaneously 

For at least 3 seconds simultaneously press and hold return and extra buttons. After this the pairing related information is appeared at the lowest left portion of the screen. 

From the above steps you can comfortably pair your smart remote control with Samsung smart tv. This makes you to feel better experience and give best operating and navigating experience through the channels. With this you can easily understand the operation and working of Samsung smart tv effectively. 

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