How to fix Westinghouse Smart TV Remote Not Working


 If your TV remote is not responding to your Westinghouse TV or unable to change channels using TV Remote that means your TV remote batteries are low or quality is not good or the Westinghouse TV remote is damaged.. And check that you are pointing the remote to TV because there may be some interfering objects or things like some other electronic gadgets, type of lighting that may block TV remote sensors.

These remote control devices of westing house can be programmed to operate hundred of components from DVD players to TV. So, if you find that your Westinghouse remote programme is error then you can reset your control to factory reset for component type or you can clear all programming devices. If you clear all programming your remote control , then you can reprogram the device for your existing components.

WestingHouse Smart tv Remote Not Working

Westinghouse Smart TV Remote Not Working

Follow these below methods and use remote code to troubleshoot westinghouse smart tv remote issues.

Reset All Codes

Step 1: Remove the battery cover which is at the back of your remote control.

Step 2: Then remove batteries from the remote.

Step 3: Now, press the component button and hold for few minutes to drain remaining power from the device. Allow the device to reset it for one or two minutes.

Step 4: After that replace the batteries back to remote control. Then your remote control is reset and ready to reprogramme for your component.

Change Basic Requirements of Batteries

Step 1: Change the batteries with high quality.

Step 2: Reset your TV by plugging the TV power cord from wall outlet.

Step 3: After that wait for five minutes and plug power cord back to socket.

Step 4: Now, check if your remote is working with TV.

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Reset  TV Remote Control

Sometimes the TV remote will lock up and not respond to your input when you press power button or any other button and  cause westinghouse smart tv remote not to work when you press buttons. Simply remove the batteries to reset TV remote controls. First, Remove both the batteries to perform a reset. After replacing the battery, try pointing your TV and press the power button.

Reset Your Westinghouse Smart  TV

Turn on your TV by turning off and will reset issues that might cause the remote to not work properly. Test to see if you can turn the TV back on and check the issue is resolved. If TV remote does not turn on then press the power button on TV itself to turn it back on TV . Again try  testing the TV remote by clicking  volume buttons.

Make sure the recently installed batteries are not weak or dead. Always use the same brand and type of batteries for higher performance or any dust particles stuck inside your remote.

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