How to Get HBO Max on Westinghouse TV

  • To install hbo max on westinghouse smart tv should be connected to wifi with a good internet connection to stream hbo max movies or web series.
  • To get HBO max on Westinghouse tv -> navigate to roku channel store -> Search for HBO max and get it from roku channel store, it is available on roku directly and supports westinghouse smart tv.

HBO max is one of the streaming services that you can watch on your smart TV, although not all Westinghouse TV models are supported due to this many smart TV consumers find it difficult to download an application for their specific TV to watch HBO max on a smart TV, of which the brand model is not supported directly.

Is HBO Max Available on Westinghouse Smart tv

HBO max is available on westinghouse ROKU TV, where blockbuster movies, epic originals, web series are now available on Roku platform. First, you have to download HBO max from the Roku channel store to get access to 10,000 hours of curated storytelling from iconic brands of HBO, adult swim etc.

Get HBO Max on Westinghouse TV

How to Get HBO Max on Westinghouse Smart tv

You can get HBO max new channel from the channel store to add it to your Roku Home screen. If you have  already subscribed to HBO Max on your ROKU then the channel will automatically update to HBO max. And this HBO max will offer many content levels.

Step 1: Connect PC or Chromebook to the westinghouse TV and stream HBO max.

Step 2: HBO max  supports Chromecast  and it allows both iPhone and Android owners to cast videos from their smart TVs.

Step 3: Some TV brands offer their own version of chromecast and airplay is one native technology that might be an additional option for streaming HBO max on your smart TV.

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Free Streaming channels

Enjoy a free trial of 30 days on discovery plus with the purchase of new westinghouse Roku TV along with you get a free trial of Roku originals and their debuts on their streaming day.


  You should have a good smart TV to get services like HBO Max is to look into your viewing experience.  If You want something  that can adapt like daytime or night time viewing and it depends on your preferences. It gives best quality of resolution is 8K and one of the most important is that make sure your Internet connection is stable.

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