reset westinghouse smat tv

How to Reset Westinghouse tv Remote

If you Westinghouse tv remote is not working then you need reset Westinghouse remote back to its original settings and your remote will start working again, if your remote buttons are not working like, pressing power button or any other buttons on your Westinghouse remote are not working after resetting Westinghouse tv remote then you should replace your remote, So, let’s see in detail how to reset Westinghouse remote in detail below.

how to reset westinghouse smart tv
how to reset westinghouse smart tv

How to reset Westinghouse tv remote:

Step 1: Grab your Westinghouse tv remote and remove both batteries from back of your remote.

Step 2: Once batteries are removed, press and hold power button for 60 seconds

Step 3: Release the power button after 60 seconds and insert batteries on your remote.


Step 4: insert the batteries correctly by watching plus and minus marks on your remote.

That’s it, this is how you reset Westinghouse tv remote and Once you have inserted batteries correctly after resetting Westinghouse tv remote.

When to reset Westinghouse tv remote?

If your power button or any other remote button is not working as expected or remote is misbehaving like if you are pressing volume up button and volume gets decreased or if you press one button and it triggers another button on your remote, then you should reset Westinghouse remote.

Resetting Westinghouse tv remote not working?

If you have reset your Westinghouse tv remote and still you are facing issue with remote then you need to replace you Westinghouse smart tv remote.