OnePlus Smart tv Remote Not Working?

If oneplus smart tv remote is not working when pressing power button or some of the buttons on oneplus smart tv not working or voice control button not working or completely oneplus tv remote is not working then you need to pair your oneplus tv remote again and check with batteries of oneplus smart tv.

If oneplus smart tv remote is not paired with oneplus tv then the remote wont work and if batteries drained on remote or due to dust or any other particles stuck inside remote of oneplus smart tv then oneplus smart tv remote will stop responding.

How to fix OnePlus Smart tv Remote Not Working Issue

There are few simple solutions to get your oneplus tv remote working properly.

Why Oneplus Smart tv Remote Not Working?

Power Reset OnePlus Smart tv and Check

If there are any technical or minor glitches then by power resetting oneplus tv will help you fix the issues with your remote and you need to unplug power cable of oneplus tv from wall socket and wait for 60 seconds and then plug it back and wait for oneplus tv to reboot and then pair your oneplus tv remote and check.

Replace Batteries

First thing you need to do is check with batteries of oneplus smart tv remote and get a new pair of remote batteries and insert them and check.

Pair OnePlus Smart tv Remote

Oneplus smart tv can be paired with bluetooth devices and it supports voice control as well and to pair oneplus tv remote -> Press and hold left arrow and home button and you will see oneplus remote gets detected and you need to release these two button and wait for one plus smart tv remote to pair it with your oneplus smart tv remote.

Clean OnePlus Smart tv Remote

If oneplus smart tv is filled with dust or debris inside remote then when you press buttons on remote, it will not respond and you need to grab a dust cleaner and press in and outs of oneplus tv remote and blow some air and clear dust and other particles stuck inside and then check with oneplus tv remote.

Damaged Remote 

If oneplus remote is damaged or if you have dropped oneplus tv remote accidentally then you need to get a new oneplus tv remote and check.

Hardware Issue

If there is any hardware related issue with oneplus smart tv remote then you need to contact oneplus smart tv repair and service center and ask them to repair and they will suggest accordingly why your remote is not working and if required they will suggest to get a new oneplus smart tv remote.

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