How to Fix One plus TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • To fix oneplus tv not connecting to wifi -> reconnect your wifi network and perform power reset and restart your wireless router/modem.
  • Clear cache of wifi background data and Reset oneplus tv to fix not connecting to wifi.

One plus TV is one of the great additions to the oneplus accessories family. In that smart IOT devices, Android ecosystem era electronic brands are mainly focused on manufacturing smart TV with excellent hardware and plenty of inbuilt features. So nothing is always perfect. In same way oneplus TV users are facing the issue that they are unable to connect wifi to oneplus TV. It is very specific that oneplus is connected to public wifi then it may try to limit the number of access to router. So, better not to use public wifi because it may make your system vulnerable and if you are using a private network then your password must be strong you will be on safe side still you are facing the wifi issue then try restarting your oneplus smart TV to refresh the wifi connectivity.

Fix One Plus TV Not Connecting to WIFI

Follow the troubleshooting method below to fix wifi not connecting to wifi.

Reconnect WIFI Network

First you need to forget the connected WIFI and reconnect the new wifi network on your OnePlus TV and you may get help because sometimes system data and temporary networking crashes may cause an issue or problems. So to overcome those problems Try a new network with high speed internet connection.

Clear Cache of WIFI Background Data

Sometimes we may not follow that much but damaging network data cache or glitches that may start triggering issue with wifi connections or fetching online services. So, it always a better choice to clear the cache of wifi background on TV. If issue still exist make sure to take full backup TV data and update your system to the latest operating system.

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Reset Oneplus TV

Resetting TV to its default state will wipe out all the downloaded data or settings of TV. So to reset follow the below steps.

  • Take all full data backup of your TV which is one of the important for your further use.
  • Open your oneplus TV and go to settings.
  • In that select more settings and choose to Reset.
  • If it is prompted then confirm the action and wait for it to be completed.
  • If done, your TV will automatically reboot and go for the initial setup process.
  • If you have completed the setup process, then try to connect the TV with wifi network.

Contact Technical Support

If you are still facing the same issue then try to contact the oneplus smart TV support for the further process. If you have a warranty then it may get helpful for free service.

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