How to Install MS Word in Windows 10 For Free


Microsoft Word is one of the well known processing applications and it can be used for both home and office use. Somebody does not need the full version of Microsoft Word and they can use alternatives like google docs for free use. Good news is that you can use Microsoft for free. While if you are limited then there is no longer any requirement to sign up or buy a copy of Microsoft word and there are many alternative option for ms word for free.

In case you want to buy it, then the best Microsoft word office deals with $87 at Walmart US and second Microsoft 365 family along with MCA free Total protection £ 49.99 Argos UK.

  • One of the Easiest ways to use Microsoft Word for free is right in your web browser.  After that you can access a free to use version of Microsoft word.
  • First you need to have a Microsoft account and data connection. Then head to the office website in your browser and enter your login credentials select Microsoft word.
  • Online offers free Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint and many more using of Microsoft word online like google docs in that you have automatic cloud backups of your work with one drive and have the ability to collaborate with other people in real time.
  • But it is not the full version of Microsoft word, it looks the same and has the basic suit of features that the majority of people will need to access.

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Install MS word in Windows 10

Step 1: Open web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: Log in with your emails. Students and staff see the same screen then click the down arrow under install office then it begins installation on your computer.

Step 3: You will need to open and run the setup file which is set on your downloads folder on your computer this will install the full Ms office.

Step 4: Click the install button and choose to run a file which will download and start installation in 20 minutes.

Does Microsoft Word Comes for Free in Windows 10

Yes! With original version of windows 10 installed on your computer then microsoft ms word comes prebuilt and there is no need to run a setup file and install it, all you need to do is just open ms word or if not download ms word from windows store and login with your credentials and start using microsoft word for free.

How to Download and Install Microsoft Word for Free in Windows 10

From microsoft website or softonic website or you can login with your credentials and download a setup file and run it to install ms word on windows 10. You can also download microsoft word and install it in windows 10 using microsoft app store as well. Just search for ms word and click on get to download and install ms word in windows 10.

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