Windows 10kms activation free

Windows 10 KMS Activation Free

  • You need to install kms activation for free and disable antivirus and run kms activation and activate windows 10 for free.

In this guide we are providing you detailed information about how to activate windows 10 kms for free. There are several tools available on the internet but they don’t work properly. Some of them are fake and won’t activate for a lifetime and activate windows 10 for free using txt and get rid of please activate your windows 10 displaying on screen and activate windows 10 using command prompt. So, don’t waste your time on that type of article. With this article you can easily activate windows 10 for free. Well, Windows 10 activator is a free tool which allows us to activate various versions of the operating system. It was mainly designed to meet OS administrator requirements. With this we can change activation settings. So, there is no possibility of corrupting files possibility. And also, we do not need to perform the booting process because it has been pre-programmed, so there is no need to tweak the system configuration manually. 

While kmspico is a popular tool that many people are using it on the internet. It operates according to the instructions recommended by Microsoft. The main intention behind developing with this tool is many business owners are not comfortable with activating their products individually. Because in this tool the server includes product keys for windows and office. Whenever if you install windows and connect to server it automatically activated.

How to Use Windows 10 KMS Activation Free

Follow below methods to activate windows 10 using kms activation free of charge and you can activate windows 10 for free lifetime as well

Download Windows 10 Activator

If you want to download windows 10kms then you need to visit the official website of kmspico. After visiting its official website, you can easily download it by clicking on download windows 10 activator. There you will find the details related to the product key. There you will find two options 

Step 1: Import as MEGA icon

Step 2: Then download it from browser. If you don’t have any meg cloud account then directly go to browser and visit kmspisco website and tap on download from browser.

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Install Windows 10 Activator

Step 1: Firstly, open your start menu and find for defender in the search box, after that open windows defender security center.

Step 2: After that go to virus and threat protection next open virus and threat protection

Step 3: Now, turn off real-time protection, next tap on yes if it needed

Step 4: If else are you using any third-party antivirus software, then disable it.

Step 5: After that a new folder was created with the name of download zip file. Now open that folder, and right click on kmspisco setup, tap on run as administrator

Step 6: And tap on yes and now programmer will open installer window.

Activating windows 10 for free

Step 1: Next open start menu and right click on kmspisco

Step 2: Now tap on run as administrator and click on yes

Step 3: After that a new window will displayed with various option and red button

Step 4: Don’t do anything just tap on red button and wait. 

Step 5: Now wait for few seconds, then you will hear a popup message affirmative or yes and shows program completed.

Step 6: After that a notification with window logo will seen on background. If you see that message means windows is activated 

Step 7: Next step is we need to restart our computer, for this right click on my computer and open properties and go to windows activation section and you will find windows is activated.