Download windows Microsoft word (office) for free 2020 No Activation required

If you are a regular user of word or trying to open ad word document file using windows Microsoft word and suddenly you recognize that you are not able to edit the word document on Microsoft word and word document opens in protected view which will not allow you to edit the file until and unless you sign and provide an activation key for windows Microsoft word, alternatively you can use wps office and download  it and use it for free as well.

In windows 10 you can download windows Microsoft word for free also and use it on you personal computer and this is totally legal without breaking any laws of Microsoft. So lets see in detail below how to download and use windows Microsoft word for free in 2020 with no activation required or an activation key.

Where can I download windows Microsoft word for free?

Go to website and this is where you get all products of MS office and Microsoft word for free.

How to Download and install windows Microsoft word Free:

Get Microsoft word using Official office Website:

Step 1: Go ahead and open your favourite web browse (in my case it is chrome).

Step 2: Go to website.

Note: If you want to use the paid version then you can go ahead and click on Get started and buy Microsoft word o office product paid version and use it offline.

Step 3: Click on Sign in to use your favourite productivity apps from any device.

Step 4: Enter your Microsoft account and Sign in.

INFO: if you don’t have Microsoft account, then don’t worry you can create Microsoft account entirely free. Click on Create one account and create you Microsoft account.

Step 5: Once you sign in you can see Microsoft word and other office products in and use Microsoft word for free.

That’s it, this is how you use Microsoft word for free in windows 10 computer using

Get Microsoft Word In windows 10

Step 1: In Windows Search field type in Office

Step 2: Open Office App.

Step 3: Now, once you login to your account or create a new account you will be able to access and get Microsoft word for free.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Office

The main advantage of using Microsoft office is you will get not only Microsoft word but also all featuring apps for free and use Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel, OneNote and all other apps provided for free.

Can I install Microsoft office on my Desktop?

No! you need to go for premium version to use app on your desktop.

How to get Microsoft entirely for free without Premium Subscription?

The only way you can get Microsoft entirely for free is by using you student account and sign in using .edu email account and download and install on your desktop and all other apps for free.

Get windows Microsoft word for free?

Yes! Go to website and sign in to enjoy all featured products of MS office for free.

Can I install MS word using Microsoft office account?

No, you can’t install Microsoft office. To install you need to go with paid version to install on your windows 10.

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