Microsoft Word not Opening or Word stopped Responding in windows 10-min

Microsoft Word not Opening or Word stopped Responding in windows 10

If you are trying to open word document on your windows 10 computer and when ever you try to open it word document closes or it doesn’t open at all or stopped responding then you need to repair installed Microsoft office using quick repair, so let’s see in detail how to fix Microsoft word not opening in windows 10 in detail below.

You will face this issue with Microsoft 365 online, Microsoft word 2016, office 2013, office 2007 you can fix word not responding or not opening by quick repair option or uninstall and reinstall.

Microsoft word not opening in windows 10

Step 1: Click on start menu and type in control panel.

Step 2: open control panel -> change view by to large icons to see list of options.

Step 3: click on programs and features

Step 4: select Microsoft office professional from the list and click on change on top.

Step 5: Click yes, if user account control (do you want to allow this app to make changes).

Step 6: Select Quick repair for How would you like to repair your office program and click repair.

Step 7: wait till to your Microsoft repairs your office programs and features.

Step 8: Once Microsoft is done repairing office programs and features, click on close and close control panel setting.

That’s it, once you run repair option with quick repair option, Microsoft word will repair all issues and your word document not opening will be working like before.

Why Microsoft word has stopped responding?

If Microsoft office gets corrupted or if your windows 10 could not load programs files of word document then Microsoft will stop responding and you need to fix it by quick repair or troubleshoot options to fix Microsoft word not opening issues.

How to fix Microsoft not opening or not responding in windows 10?

Open control panel ->Click on programs and features -> select Microsoft office product -> click on change and select quick repair option.