Google Home App Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Google Home App Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Make sure you are connected to internet wifi and restart your router / modem.
  • You can also try resetting your google home app

If we need google home to work properly we need to use active internet connection. So, we have to connect google home to Wi-Fi before we going to play music, make calls, enquire calendar events etc. If your Wi-Fi not connected properly to google home it does not responds to your commands. With this it may lead  to youtube or netflix does not work properly, while listening music it start freezing, it also says something went wrong. We get irritated when it does not responding. Google home device is a wireless device, so we need to connect it to proper Wi-Fi network. To overcome the problem we providing some  methods in this article.

Method: 1 Ensure its connected properly 

It will not work accurately until you set it properly by using google home app

Step:1 Firstly download google home from google play store or app store

Step:2 Now open google home app, and click on the device which you want to configure

Step:3 Then click on settings which google home needs to changes its password

Step:4 After that select Wi-Fi and choose forget network 

Step:5 Next click on add which is available on the main screen of the app

Step:6 Then select setup device, and now select me devices

Step:7 Now pick home option to add google home and followed by next

Step:8 After that follow with the screen instructions.

Method: 2 Restart google Home and Router 

If your still facing the network problem and unable to connect google home to Wi-Fi, for that just restart both devices. After restarting the problem will be resolved. Then reboot google home by taking its power cord from the wall, and wait for few seconds with using app.

Step:1 Click on device which you want to reboot

Step:2 Now tap on settings icon and followed with three horizontal dot menu. 

Step:3 Next select reboot option.

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Method: 3 Reset google home and router

Resetting is quite different from rebooting in resetting the data will be permanently erased the software and remains same when you first purchased. This is the last chance to get google home to work with Wi-Fi. With resetting google home it unlinks all the devices and service which it was attached. It also erases your Wi-Fi password and network name. If it still don’t work when connected with google home. It’s time to reset it.

Reset google home max

Set the FDR button with the help of power cord on backside of the device, Now press and hold it down for 20 seconds.

Google home mini

Now look backside of the device for a circle. Now press and hold that circle FDR button for few seconds. Now google assistance will tell it is resetting

Reset google home 

You hear from google assistance that your device is resetting until that time press and hold the microphone mute which is on the back of the device.

If you want to eliminate the internet connection  problem in google home while connecting with Wi-Fi. We need to follow the above mentioned methods to the issue.