Homepod with Siri to Play Music

How to Use Homepod with Siri to Play Music

If you have an apple Homepod and you have vested interest in Apple music. Homepod is an excellent speaker which brings you to play music together with Siri to know about  your music taste, help you to discover new trending music and what music you would like to play. Siri is an intelligent home assistant and capable of handling every task to control your smart home devices.

Homepod can only play music from Apple music, purchased iTunes music or iTunes subscription, iCloud music library or Apple podcasts. Basically, Homepod is made for a side home kit control to play music of all compact speakers that fill room with awesomeness to have features.

How to Play Music on Your Homepod with SIRI

You will need to pair iPhone when you initially set up your Homepod. After that your Homepod will take to Apple music library directly from cloud. you can able to search for music and add those songs to your playlists.

Step 1: Just say “Hey, siri play some music” then siri will start playing tunes from Apple music library.

Step 2: Say “ Hey, Siri play some rock music” then it start playing rock music from music library or Apple music radio station.

Step 3: You can even ask for some specific albums or specific songs and even modify with “shuffle on” if you dont want to listen music album in order.

Step 4: While talking to siri, you can change music by telling siri “ you like certain songs or adding certain artists to playlist.

Step 5: Hey, siri add to this song to my playlist then songs and artists will add to your playlist into account for future recommendations.

Step 6: you dont like some artist then just say siri, avoid this artist in future.

Over this time siri will learn about your taste and make recommendation based on that, the say hey, siri play some dance music and you will get a dance music from radio station that you love.

At that time it will sync up your playlist and preferences with other devices. So, you will have some great listening experience no matter where you are.

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How to Search Songs on Homepod using Siri

You can search songs on lyrics on Homepod using Siri:

Step 1: From IOS 12, Homepod have been able to search for songs based on lyrics and ask siri to play song with certain lyrics.

Step 2: Say “Hey, siri what is the song with lyrics I have got the horses in back” then siri will respond and tell you that song is from old town road.

Use Homepod to play music from Spotify account to iTunes library

Step 1: You can ask SIRI to play music from your iTunes library, if you don’t want to miss the voice control option, you can get more music from your Spotify account to iTunes library.

Step 2: But you are not allowed to copy Spotify songs to any other devices it becomes a problem, so if you can go and connect the streamed Spotify music to Homepod supported audio formats like AAC, MP3, FLAC etc. 

Note: You can touch and hold top of your Homepod to activate Siri and you will know it is listening because of LED waveform that  moves when you speak.