How to setup Homepod

How to Setup Apple Homepod

You bought a new hompod and trying to set it up then here is a simple guide for your and If you’ve used Apple’s air pods before, the setup process for the home pod isn’t going to be too much of a surprise. Let me guide you to set up your apple home pod.

How to Setup Apple Homepod

Step 1: Plug in your Homepod and power it up and wait for the pulsing light to appear.

Step 1:  Now, Hold your iPhone nearest the homepod / speaker and you’ll see it pop up  at the bottom choose setup.

Step 2:  And you can choose which room you want the home pod to be set up.

Step 3: Now, it will display personal requests popup. This is going to be one of the more controversial features basically as long as your iPhone and the home part are on the same Wi-Fi network anyone will be able to use the home pod to send and receive text messages through your accounts as well as seeing your notes and your calendar and they’ll also be able to send messages to.

Step 4:  If you’re going to be using home pod on your own you can choose to enable personal requests if not you might want to turn that off until home pod gets the ability to tell the difference between voices you can always turn it off later on if you decide that you don’t want to take that risk. 

Step 4: Siri on home pod is much as you would agree when you first set up an iPhone just to let it know that you’re okay with it doing server-side processing.

Step 5: And then you need to give it access to all of your accounts and settings. This basically sends over not only the Wi-Fi details to the account that you using to save you having to put in then pick the right network and put in your Wi-Fi password but it also takes your Apple music app subscription details all of your Siri settings and any other settings that home pod needs in order for it to get online and get access to Apple music streaming services this is also where it gets access to home care as well the home automation system that Apple uses and with that it means that you’ll be able to ask Siri on the home pod for any kind of lights Siri welcome to the home pod you can’t tell but you can wave to get your attention.

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Here’s a personal radio station built just for you starting with Swim fall remember any time you have a question just say hey Siri now you can pause home buds playback by tapping the top and resume it by tapping the top again and you can control volume either by asking home pod or by tapping the illuminated buttons on the very top there and the touch panel and that’s basically it that’s setting up on pod from scratch it takes just a few seconds.

How do i know my homepod setup process is complete?

Siri will be greeting you with welcome to homepod and your setup process is completed and ready to use homepod.

Can i customize my homepod settings?

Yes! you can customize homepod settings any time you want and you can also add multiple homepod as well.