how to factory reset homepod or homepod mini

How to Factory Reset Homepod or Homepod MINI

  • To factory reset -> Open home app on Your iPhone -> go to settings (details) -> click on remove accessory and wait for homepod to reset. 
  • To Reset Without iPhone Home app -> unplug homepod and Plug in -> press and hold power button -> wait for siri instructions and let go off your finger after 3 beeps sound.

If your homepod is having issues on homepod and not responding and you need to factory reset homepod then you can just perform factory reset homepod with simple steps and reset everything on homepod back to its original default factory setting and once reset completes you need to setup homepod again from beginning , just follow below steps.

How to Factory Reset Homepod or Homepod MINI

You Can factory reset homepod or homepod mini in 2 ways:

Factory reset homepod using your iPhone(Home APP).

Factory Reset Homepod without iPhone (Home APP).

How to Factory Reset Homepod Using Home APP

Step 1 : You need to launch the home application. You want a 3d touch on your home pod settings here and then you want to go to settings for home pod.

Step 2:  Scroll down and then remove the accessory which will successfully remove the home pod from your device.

That’s it, once you remove accessory it will turn off and restart on its own and perform factory reset on homepod itself and you can connect it again and all your data and wifi connections and all data will be erased and restored back to its original default settings and more guide about resetting Homepod by apple.

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How to Factory Reset Homepod Without Using iPhone Home Application

Step 1: Unplug power cable from back of homepod and plug it back again.

Step 2: Your homepod will spin with whites and the sphere turns red.

Step 3: Now, Press and hold on top of homepod power button using finger, Until siri says “Your Homepod is about to reset, keep pressing until you hear 3 beeps

Step 4: Once you hear 3 beeps, let you finer go and your homepod will reset successfully.

That’s it, this is how you factory reset homepod without using the iPhone Home app.

How to Factory reset Homepod or Homepod Mini using Mac or PC

Step 1: Connect homepod using a USB cable to your Mac. (usb c cable which comes with homepod).

Step 2: Wait until homepod gets detected by your macbook.

Step 3: Open finder app ->Open itunes.

Step 4: Select your Homepod when it gets detected or which appears on your macbook (left side pane).

Step 5: Click on Restore Homepod.

That’s it, once you click on restore homepod it will restore its original settings. 

When to Factory Reset Homepod or Homepod MINI

If your Homepod is not responding or the homepod is not turning on, hompod not showing in airplay, the homepod not connecting to the internet, not responding or not playing music or any other homepod issues.