How to Reset Alexa Without App

How to Reset Alexa Without App

If your Amazon echo is not working properly after performing all the settings or connected devices forgotten. With this you may get frustrated, to avoid this issue just unplug echo from your connector and after a few moments just plug it again and power it on. This issue may occur due to Amazon Alexa not being upgraded to the latest version. Then just update the version. After that once check your Alexa if you are still facing the problem. Then got with the methods detailed in this article.

Method: 1 Reset Alexa first Generation model

If you fed up with the above mentioned solutions the go with the simple steps

Step:1 A small hole is located near base of device it is known as rest button

Step:2 Now take a sharp pointed object then press and hold the reset button until it glows Orange and turns blue.

Step:3 After that light turned off and on, then it must be Orange, this indicates it is in setup mode.

Step:4 That’s ok now your Alexa is resettled

Step:5 After completing the reset process, open the Alexa app on your device to connect to the Wi-Fi network to register with your Amazon account.

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Method: 2 Reset Alexa second generation model

Here are some steps for resetting Alexa with few difference when compared with first generation

Step:1 Now press and hold microphone off and volume down button for few seconds till the light turn in to Orange and then blue in 2nd generation device 

Step:2 After the light has turned off and on one more time, Now it must be in Orange, which means it is in setup mode

Step:3 After completing the process, Now open Alexa app in your mobile or tablet and connect it to Wi-Fi network for registering with Amazon account

Method: 3 Rest Alexa third and fourth generation models 

Now follow the same steps which you followed in both generation models with slight differences.

Step:1 Now press and hold action button which is available on top continue it till the light turns into Orange and then blue

Step:2 After that the light will turn off and on again. Now it is Orange means it is in setup mode

Step:3 After done with it, if you need to add to network again then open Alexa app and connect it to Wi-Fi for registering with your Amazon account

The above mentioned methods are quite simple methods which help you to reset your Alexa when it does not work properly while giving commands to it. Hope these methods will help you to overcome the problems.