How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk


Amazon sidewalk allows only selected devices to connect with the other devices and pass signals. Due to this you can get long range coverage and a better connection even when you are away from the router. This feature is helpful for many reasons you can get out of using it due to privacy concerns or other issues.

Amazon is mainly highlighted for its commitment to privacy and security in designing sidewalk. The moment it doesn’t appear endanger your data and it can even enable some genuine convenience like being better able to find trackers to thank the partnership. Some level of privacy in an increasingly interconnected world and devices in our homes should be private by default and it is not necessary because of how access is being used today. Sidewalk is built with a good upload limit and bandwidth caps to presence bandwidth for sidewalk bridge customers.

Turn off Amazon sidewalk in Alexa app on Android

 You can control your devices through the Alexa app on your Android and one option is you can customise turnoff Amazon sidewalk.

Step 1: Open Alexa app and click on more on Top right corner.

Step 2: Now, click on settings and choose Account settings.

Step 3: Click on Amazon Sidewalk and switch the toggle button to turn it off.

Only new speaker support Amazon sidewalk. Incase you are using old speaker you will not see this option in the app. If you are using a new speaker but you dont see Amazon sidewalk then go for settings and check for Alexa app updated.

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Turn Off Sidewalk in Alexa app on iPhone

Alexa app enable you to manage and control your smart home device. So, if you want to turnoff sidewalk using Alexa app on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Alexa app and tap on more at bottom right corner.

Step 2: Now, click on settings and choose Account settings.

Step 3: Click on Amazon Sidewalk and switch the toggle button to turn it off.

Turn off Amazon Sidewalk in Alexa app on PC:

Alexa desktop not have the option to disable Amazon Sidewalk . If you dont have a mobile phone or tablet with Alexa app, you can disable Amazon sidewalk from Amazon website.

Step 1: Open browser and go for the Amazon website. Then login to your account.

Step 2: Select the Arrow next to “Account and lists” at top right corner.

Step 3: Click manage your content and devices. Go for preferences and choose Amazon sidewalk.

Step 4: Click on disable. 

That’s it, this is how you turn off amazon sidewalk on alexa app using android app, iPhone app and using web browser. 

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