How to Fix Alexa Device Location Not Working


  • If Alexa Device location not working or when you set address on alexa and location on your alexa device location not updating with new address then you need to restart your alexa device and turn on alexa location.
  • Make sure you set the alexa device up and right and avoid duplication of the same address and wifi and location service is turned on. 

Nowadays use of Amazon Alexa makes life easier and smarter with a great enhancement of smart home appliances experience like turning on whisper mode, super alexa mode, . It is one of the best voice controlling and there are some features and settings of Alexa and connect it to bluetooth, samsung tv, firestick, roku, LG Smart tv, MacBook, Android Phone, so, in that location/Address is one of them. So, if you are facing any issues related with location then there might be something that you’re using/doing wrong.

Fix: Alexa Device Location Not Working

Follow below alexa troubleshooting guide if alexa is not detecting your location or device location is not working at all.

Set Your Alexa Device Up and Right

Step 1: First you need to make sure that you are followed the correct process to get the right location/Address. You have to open Alexa app on your phone and ensure that Alexa drive is connected on your device that you want to enter the address.

Step 2: If you have done with it, click on device option and you have to  choose echo & Alexa then you will be able to open the device.

Step 3: Now, you have to enter your complete location/address  and click on save the device should optimally save your address.

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Restart the Device and Turn on Location

Location should be turned on while you are setting a new address, this is one of the reasons for it because it may differ your location. When you set up address there are some other errors that may stop saving the address. So, try to avoid those by simply turn off Alexa device then restart it after a few minutes.

Reset the Device

Nothing is working, then you need to reset the device and this will allow you to setup the whole device from scratch and it will work more essential. Before doing that makesure that you are setting up exactly as you need after Reset it will take to the address.

Avoid Duplication of Address

You have to select only one device for the same address so, that you will not face a problem. The problem may a rise if there are some other accounts on same location. There are multiple factors involved in device location are time zone, payment etc. That you need to check and makesure that not other devices using same account for same address location.

Contact Amazon Support

If non of the above device work for you then try to contact Amazon technical support because they can figure out what causing the problem with Amazon Alexa and help it in fixing.

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