How to Fix Alexa Device Not Registered Error


Well, Alexa is one of the best tool in terms of flexibility, cost and convenience with devices. It is a voice controlled device with network connection and familiar to all. With this feature it received huge market value. Also you can  enjoy music, turnoff and on lights, and also you can know traffic and weather conditions. Although it work efficiently but sometimes it may shows Alexa device is not registered error. So, with this article you can easily overcome the problem.

Configure Alexa 

One of the most common issue in Alexa , is registration error because incorrect installation. Before going depth into the topic, make sure your Alexa is correctly setup or not. For this follow the steps.

Step 1: Firstly, download Alexa app to your phone 

Step 2: Now place your echo within the range of Wi-Fi connection

Step 3: Next, move ahead to settings in Alexa app and choose Wi-Fi option

Step 4: Then choose Alexa device from the app and choose echo dot

Step 5: After that choose add Alexa device in the Wi-Fi network 

Step 6: Till the echo turn into Orange, press and hold action button

Step 7: From the list of Wi-Fi available select your Alexa from that and enter network password

Step 8: Now save password in Alexa app

Step 9: Finally choose connect to merge echo dot to Wi-Fi network

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Restart Your Modem

Many technical related issue are overcomed by restarting your device. For this you need to simply turn it off and again turn it on.

Cancel your Alexa Registration 

If your using new echo means you need to delete older Amazon account. Else the origins owner should delete it before giving it to you, but thus any not happen always. Because sometimes people will forget it. For this we need to follow the steps to delete or unsubscribe to older account

Step 1: Firstly, visit to Amazon website from your web browser 

Step 2: Next, choose settings from the available menu on the left and choose echo dot which you want to delete

Step 3: Now choose the cancel registration button

Step 4: And choose it again to confirm

Step 5: After unregistering with Alexa by choose settings, navigated to device settings the name of echo dot and scroll till down to choose unregister

Step 6: If you once done with the process, we need to again set the Alexa. 

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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