How to Change Wifi Network on Alexa Echo Dot


On your alexa echo dot if you are connected to wifi network and you want to change wifi network on Alexa echo dot then you can easily change wifi network and connect to other wifi network or even your mobile data or cellular data. 

This method works on all alexa echo dot devices like 1st generation, 2nd generation and 3rd generation. First you need to install amazon alexa app and open alexa app and change wifi network and enter password of your wifi network. Let;s see them in detail below.

Change WIFI Network on Alexa Echo Data 

If you want to change wifi network on alexa echo dot then by following below steps you can easily do that.

Step 1: Grab your Mobile and open your alexa app

Step 2: Now, on the bottom navigation you can see the Device option, go ahead and tap on it.

Step 3: Now, on top of the devices screen you can see you need to select your type of devices like echo & alexa or lights, plugins, camera or etc.

Step 4: Tap on Echo and Alexa 

Step 5: Now, find your connected amazon alexa echo devices name and tap on it.

Step 6: Now, you will see devices settings -> Scroll down and find the wireless section you are connected to this wifi network.

Step 7: On side to wifi network you are connected -> Click on Change to connect or Click on change your wifi network on alexa echo dot.

Step 8: Now, you need to check with your alexa echo dot that it is connected to power source and displaying orange light which means setup mode. 

Step 9: Go ahead and click on yest.

Step 10: Now, press and hold the power button on your alexa echo dot device -> once you see the orange light then leave the button.

Step 11: Now, on your mobile tap on Continue.

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Step 12: Now, select your Available echo device.

Step 13: Now, select your wifi network which you want to change and tap on it and enter your wifi password and click on continue.

Step 14: Now, wait for your alexa echo device to connect to your wifi network and once done it will show you your echo dot device is now connected to the internet.

That’s it, this is how you change wifi network on Alexa echo dot and you can also connect to your mobile data as well.

Can’t connect or change wifi network on Alexa echo dot?

Make sure you have selected your alexa echo dot devices correctly and enter the correct wifi password. 

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