Alexa Green Light Spinning

If Alexa is blinking or green light spinning then it depends on how often it is blinking. If alexa blue light keeps on blinking for long time then alexa is trying to listening and waiting for you to say something.. 

  • If Alexa is blinking green light spinning for long time then this means that you have a drop in, that you have a message or some one is calling you or any notification or message that you have missed and alexa is still blinking on waiting for voice command.

Alexa made life simple and easy. Usually I keep my home with the latest updates and I got mail that they asked me to use Alexa with different blinking lights. When I connected my Smart phone to Alexa echo dot, then I have noticed that it might blinking green light.

If you see Alexa spinning green light that most probably you are getting a call. You can see same pulsing green light if someone is “Dropping In”.

What is Alexa Drop in

The “drop in” is a feature that enables you to call any of your friends, family,  if they use Alexa calling or connected to Alexa app for messaging and calling.

You can to say, “Alexa, Drop in Jason”. You can use these drop in feature with tablets and On Alex app in your smart phones.

1) If you say “Answer”  then green light will disappear.

2) Or if you say “drop” to decline the call then it stop pulling green light.

It does not becomes really matter you were at home, if you are connected Alexa devices with Alexa app. Even if you are away then you get a call, Alexa start flashing green light and it stop after 10 continuous flash green ring.

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Why Alexa Spin Green Light

1)  Alexa, spin green ring clockwise when you are On a active call. When the moment you decline the call, Alexa stops spinning green light.

2)If you take the call, Alexa echo will spin green light in clockwise direction until you are in a call.

3) If you cut the call, even you can see spinning green on your echo, then just say, “Alexa hand up”.

4) Then it will end the call and spinning green light will stop.

Note: you can hang up the call using only Alexa app.

How you can Disable Alexa green light

So, many people don’t show any interest in Alexa blinking green light and therefore you can disable green light. But you don’t know how  to disable spinning green light. Follow below steps to setup.

Step 1: Open Alexa app on your phone and click on top left corner.

Step 2: Tap on settings and go for device settings.

Step 3: Select “Amazon Alexa device” for Turning on “communication”.

Step 4: Now, click on “Toggle” button to off the communication.

Step 5: Finally, you have successfully disabled the Alexa green light.

Then Alexa won’t show any green light for incoming calls or drop-ins.


Alexa has many ways to notify users for different notifications, same way green light have it’s own  

Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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