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How to Factory Reset Google Home Mini

  • Remember -> once you reset google home mini it will erase and wipe out all data and settings and everything from your home mini.
  • To Factory  Reset Google home mini -> Press and hold the reset button for 10 – 15 seconds and let go off the button after 15 seconds and it will perform factory reset.

Google home is one of the most popular smart home devices for many families using in their home. This is because they can integrate with online service and other smart home devices.

For example: if you are moving to a new house and then you will set up a new wifi network, if you are still using old settings in google mini then it won’t be able to connect. 

Google home mini is one of the smart home speaker that can serve as a central control for smart home devices.

Factory Reset Google Home Mini

You can usually reset the device and restore it by holding down factory data reset button(FDR). It crashes all  data stored on device including personal data and even settings also.

Step 1: Google home mini has “FDR” button at bottom of the device, just look for it and it is below near power plug, you can see simply “round circle”.

Step 2: Just press button down for “10-15” seconds to reset the google home mini.

Step 3: You can hear the assistant voice for confirm I.e., it is resetting the device.

Step 4: Release the button, if your device is reset.

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Why Should I Reset Google Home Mini

It can be either for setting the device or troubleshooting for persisting any problem with Google home.

1) One common reason to reset is to clear data before selling, restoring to store or deleting your personal information including account information.

2) Another reason is when you are experiencing connectivity issues.

Factory Reset Google Home mini will erase all data

Yes ! Factory resetting google home mini will erase all data and will wipe out everything including wifi settings, user details, and everything and once you factory reset you need to setup your google home mini wifi again.

Factory Reset Method is Not Same for Google Home mini, Google home and other nest speakers

Yes ! Factory reset method is not all the same for all google home devices like google home mini, google nest speakers, google nest mini, Google nest mini (1st generation), Google home max and others is different.

For Google Home mini it is the power reset button located on the bottom or side to perform factory reset on google home mini, and to factory reset for google home you need to press and hold mute button and hold it for few seconds to perform factory reset.

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