apple tv not connecting to wifi

How to Fix Apple tv not connecting to Wi-Fi

  • You need to restart your router and update your router firmware and make sure that your router / modem is in close range to your apple tv.

In this post we are providing some information related to how to overcome the issue of Apple tv not connecting to Wi-Fi. Apple TV is a digital media player, which facilitate you to enjoy movies, tv shows online and you can also use the Airplay feature for exchanging media via iPhone by turning on AirPlay, iPad to wide range tv. It is one of the best entertaining gadgets. You get irritated or annoyed when Apple tv not connecting to Wi-Fi

Can we use Apple tv Without Wi-Fi Network

The answer is no. We can’t use Apple tv without a Wi-Fi connection you need to connect apple tv to wifi. We not even able to connect it to hotspot of your iPhone.

How to Fix Apple tv Not Connecting to WIFI

Follow below methods and check with your router and other methods as below

Ensure Apple tv is Within the Range of Router

One Thing you must make sure that everything is turned on, and check the range of router within the range or not. And also check whether the router is connected to Apple tv. If your router is far away from your tv, then you may face this issue . To resolve the issue you have to place the router near to Apple tv.

Restart Both Apple TV and Router

One of the simplest ways to overcome the issue of Apple tv not connecting to Wi-Fi. If you want to restart your Apple tv then go to settings, followed by general option and tap on restart option. If you want to restart your router, then simply unplug it and wait for few minutes and plug it back.

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Router Security Settings

If you want to make sure that there is no interference in the network. Then follow the steps

  • Make sure that you entered proper password when connecting to router
  • After that check for router whether the router have MAC address filter or not. If it is not added then add MAC address filter. For this go to settings, followed by general option, next with about and get MAC address of your Apple tv 
  • Ensure that router has set to WEP

Update Router’s Firmware

Step 1: First sign in with administrator console of router

Step 2: After that update firm ware option in your administrator console

Step 3: Next, download and install the firmware from various trusted sources.

Contact Apple Support Team

If you are still unable to solve the issue from the above mentioned methods, then you should take a step and try contacting Apple support team and ask for help.

And you can contact them via online or you can visit the nearest Apple store.