How to Fix Google Pixel Not Connecting to WIFI Internet


When you turn on your google pixel and trying to connect by turning on your wifi on google pixel and your Google pixel to your wifi internet and its not connecting or it says connected but not internet or any other wifi issue on google pixel then you can fix this wifi issue on your own by just performing these below steps, lets see them in detail below.

Google Pixel Not Connecting to WIFI Internet

How to fix Google Pixel Not Connecting to WIFI Internet

Below are the in detail troubleshooting guide to fix google pixel not connecting to wifi

Turn off and turn on WIFI on Google Pixel

Step 1: Swipe down from top to bottom and bring up control panel settings.

Step 2: Tap on Wifi and toggle wifi button and turn off wifi.

Step 3: wait for 60 seconds and turn on wifi and select your wifi network. 

Force Restart Google Pixel

Sometimes by simply restarting might fix your google pixel wifi connection problems,

Step 1: Press and hold power button on your google pixel mobile.

Step 2: Release the keys once you see google pixel logo and let your google pixel mobile start on its own.

Once you google pixel restart you need to connect to your wifi again, hopefully your wifi not connecting on google pixel will be resolved.

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Delete and Add WIFI Network on Google Pixel

How to delta WIFI Network

Step 1: Go ahead to your wifi settings options and locate your wifi network.

Step 2: Tap on Your Network -> select Forget / delete network.

How to Add WIFI Network?

Step 1: To add wifi network ->Open Phone settings app 

Step 2: Open Network and Internet -> WIfi options 

Step 3: Tap on Add Network now.

Step 4: Enter your network name -> and password -> your google pixel phone will be connected to wifi again. 

Restart Your Router and Modem

Step 1: Go ahead and unplug router / modem -> wait for 30 seconds

Step 2: After 30 seconds -> Plug back your modem / router

Step 3: Now connect your wifi network on your google pixel phone.

Once you restart your modem / router then your google pixel not connecting to wifi internet will be resolved successfully.

Does installing a New App cause wifi Issues on Google Pixel ?

Yes! Sometimes, few applications installed on your google pixel may cause network signal interference and block wifi and internet which leads to wifi issues. Always install apps from google play store and dont install apps from third party sources.

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