Connect Samsung Smart TV to internet with Ethernet Cable

How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to internet with Ethernet Cable

Hey what’s up guys so you have a Samsung Smart TV I’m gonna show you how to connect to internet with Ethernet cable network, you can connect your smart tv to internet wirelessly or using mobile hotspot and with wired connection and it’s pretty simple once you connect to the internet you can access and install Samsung apps to stream movies and video play games view pictures and more to connect your Samsung TV to a wired network you will need a Ethernet cable but you can also connect to a wireless network that is explained in our previous article.  so let me explain the steps to you how to get set up to connect to a wired connection.

Step 1: Open Menu

Step 2: Select Network

Step 3: Check the Network status

Step 4: Click on Close and Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port provided to the Samsung Smart TV.


Step 5:  Now it says that  Network cable is connected. Setup a wired network?

Step 6: After connecting the cable to the Samsung smart TV .First you need to open Menu.

Step 7 : Select Network.

Step 8: Click on Network Settings.

Step 9:  In the network type select on Wired.

Step 10: Click on Connect.

Step 11: Now it displays  you are connected to the Internet. Click on OK.

Step 12: Now go back to Network status and check Network status.

Step 13: Now a screen is displayed which says “Wired network and Internet connection settings complete”.

Step 14: Now go to Web Browser to test whether the internet is connected or not.

Step 15: Open youtube. If the browser starts then yeah the internet is connected.

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Can’t connect Samsung smart tv to the internet?

If you can’t connect samsung smart tv to the internet via wired connection then make sure your cables are not faulty and change the port, change the cable and try again.