How to Fix Video Flickering on iPhone

How to Fix Video Flickering on iPhone

  • To fix video flickering on iPhone when playing videos -> Turn off your iPhone and turn it back ON and force restart your iPhone.
  • Update your iPhone to the latest version and free up internal storage space and other methods explained below.

On your iPhone when you are shooting a video or watching a video on iPhone or with slow motion camera or it can be anything like watching video in WhatsApp sent by someone. Video flickering on iPhone is a software glitch which can be  fixed by updating or restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling application or it can be due to lack of internal storage space on your iPhone.

How to fix Video flickering on iPhone

Below troubleshooting methods will help you get rid of video flickering on iPhone

Hard Reset iPhone 

Step 1: Quickly press and release volume up button once and again quickly press volume down button.

Step 2: Now press and hold side button until apple logo appears on your screen

Once your iphone restarts go ahead and see if video flickering or stuttering issue on iPhone 13 with iOS 15 / latest version.

Free Up Space

If you are running short of storage on your iPhone then you can see video flickering or stuttering issue not only when you are using camera / recording video or playing videos but when you are using your iPhone you can expect iphone lagging issues, stuck or black screen on iPhone or stuck on apple logo due to iPhone internal storage space issues.

Go ahead and delete unwanted data / photos/ videos/ doc, pdf etc and free up space and check now, your video flickering on iPhone will be gone.

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Update your iPhone to Latest iOS

Open settings and check for updates on your iPhone and update it to the latest version. Once updated to the latest version your iPhone video flickering should fix because a lot of iPhone users experience the same issue after they have updated their iOS 15, this could be a possible bug which got fixed by updating their iPhone again with a fix rolled out by apple.

Update All  Apps

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to WIFI

Step 2: Open app store -> tap on your profile icon on top right corner.

Step 3: Now, tap on Update ALL and update all apps and wait until update gets finished.

Uninstall and Reinstall APP

If you are having issue with videos flickering on one particular app then go ahead and uninstall that application and reinstall it from app store again. Some time reinstalling application will fix these issues

Reset All Settings

Step 1: Launch settings app -> General

Step 2: Transfer and reset iPhone -> Reset -> tap on Reset All settings.

Step 3: Enter your passcode and screen time passcode -> select reset all settings in popup box and confirm reset process.

Now, wait for your iPhone to reset all settings and wait till it restarts your iPhone automatically and try playing videos on iPhone without flickering issues or when shooting a slow motion videos or playing videos on particular app, now video will not flicker on iPhone.