How to Reset Netflix on Any Smart TV

How to Reset Netflix on Any Smart TV

When you are having issues with netflix app on your smart tv like netflix not loading , Blank screen (mobile), stuck on logo, getting errors while watching netflix on smart tv or you cant logout of netflix app or login, or any other issues with netflix app then you need to reset netflix app on any smart tv if you are facing these issues. So, let’s see in details reset Netflix.

Netflix is one among the popular streaming apps in any smart TV. Some times you may have errors like not opening , freezing, or crashing in your Android or Smart TV while using Netflix here this article guides you how to reset your Netflix app in any smart TV. 

How to Reset Netflix on Any Smart tv

Step 1: The first thing is you need to go to your app section of your TV you will find in the settings section.

Step 2: Find out the apps open the apps and in the app find the Netflix open it

Step 3: Under Netflix app, Scroll down to where it says clear cache and  try to clear the cache but remember clearing cache will remove your signing information so you need to sign in once again.

Step 4: Now, scroll up to clear data and clear the data.

Step 5: The last step is to uninstall the update and this will reset the Netflix and now if you open the Netflix app it will ask you to sign in again like the first time you opened after the installation.

By following the above steps you can easily reset netflix on any smart tv.

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Does Reset Netflix on Smart TV Erase All Data?

Resetting the netflix app on smart tv will erase all data / user data, app data from any smart tv. Once you reset netflix app you need to login to netflix app again using your login credentials.