External Microphone Being Recognized as Headphones on Windows 10

External Microphone Being Recognized as Headphones on Windows 10

  • To fix external microphone being recognized as headphone you need to enable sound settings if its disabled.
  • Run speed troubleshooter and let windows 10 fix the issue.

On your windows 10 computer if you have connected an external microphone and it is being recognized as headphones and wondering what went even though settings are correct then follow these below steps to fix this issue and this issue has been faced by many users with headphones detected as microphone on mac and windows 10.

External Microphone Being Recognized as Headphones

Follow below troubleshooting methods to get rid of microphone detected as headphones in windows 10

Run Speech Troubleshooter

Step 1: Click on Start menu search icon and type in troubleshooter and open it

Step 2: Now, on the right side pane -> click on Advanced troubleshooters option.

Step 3: Scroll down and under find and fix other problems -> Click on Speech option.

Step 4: Click on Speech Select Run troubleshooter option and wait for the detech and let the troubleshooter fix the issue and follow on screen instruction as suggested when running troubleshooting.

That;s it, once the troubleshooter detects problems your issue of external microphone beijing recognized as headphones on windows 10 will be fixed.

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Settings in Control Panel

Step 1: In windows search -> type in control panel.

Step 2: In control panel -> change view by to large icons

Step 3: Click sound settings.

Step 4: Select Recording tab on top in sound settings menu

Step 5: Now, right click on your microphone device and select Enable (if tis disabled).

Step 6:  Select Apply and Ok and close sound settings.

That’s it, once you change microphone settings from disable to enable.

Laptop Not Detecting Headphones?

You need to make sure that you have connected correctly without any loose connections and also make sure that external connected devices are not disabled in sounds settings -> playback-> detected headphones or microphones -> Enable it and also try option show disabled microphones or headphones and enable them.