How to Soft Reset and Factory reset VIZIO Smart tv

If your VIZIO smart tv is having issues and facing troubles like Netflix not working on your VIZIO smart tv or YouTube frozen or any other issues, then you need to factory reset VIZIO smart tv to fix this errors and this is simple process which will reset your VIZIO smart tv back to its original smart tv. So, lets see in detail below steps wise to factory reset.

How to Reset VIZIO smart tv:

Soft reset VIZIO smart tv?

Step 1: Turn on your VIZIO smart tv and unplug power cable from wall socket

Step 2: wait for 60 seconds and plug back cable back to its wall

Step 3: Now, wait until your tv turns on.

That’s it, this is how perform soft reset on VIZIO smart tv.

How to Hard Reset VIZIO smart tv?

Step 1: Grab your remote and press home button

Step 2: Navigate to system and press ok

Step 3: Select Reset and Admin and press ok

Step 4: Now press ok on Reset to factory Defaults

That’s it, now your VIZIO smart tv will turn on and will reset to factory default settings back to its original settings.

How to Reset Vizio smartcast tv

You can reset vizio smartcast tv by pressing and holding volume button for 20-30 seconds and let go power button after 30 seconds and your vizio smartcast tv will turn off and will reset vizio smartcast tv.

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When Should I factory reset VIZIO smart tv?

Its is not recommended to perform factory reset VIZIO smart tv when your smart tv is not working or facing issues, first you need to perform power reset or soft reset and try different solutions to fix issue with VIZIO smart tv, most of the time soft reset and power rest will work if your smart tv is not working or facing issues with app not loading or etc will fix.

Does factory reset VIZIO smart tv fix issues on Smart tv?

Yes ! factory reset to reset to default option will fix all issues with VIZIO smart tv as it restore back to its original default like a brand new tv.

What happens if I factory reset VIZIO smart tv?

Factory reset will wipe your all data and will delete everything from your VIZIO smart tv and you need to set up again everything like WIFI, install apps and etc, basically it resets to its original settings like a brand new VIZIO smart tv.

What is soft reset?

Soft reset is without erasing data performing reset on smart tv

What is factory reset?

Factory reset will erase and wipe out all data from your vizio smart tv and resets its back to original default like a brand new one.


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