How To Fix iPhone Flickering Glitching

How To Fix iPhone Flickering / Glitching

  • You need to restart your iPhone and update your iPhone to the latest version and reduce transparency and adjust brightness settings to fix iPhone screen flickering issues
  • If nothing helps then you need to contact customer support and replace the screen as support suggest.

If your iPhones screen is flickering and glitching when you are using your iPhone without any reason and you are seeing the screen going black and white or yellow tint issue on iPhone then you can follow these simple troubleshooting methods and fix screen flickering issues on your iPhone.

Fix iPhone Screen Flickering / Glitching

To fix iphone screen flickering issue you need to restart your iPhone

Solution 1: Restart your iPhone 

Step 1: press and hold the power button and wait for some time until you see the power off button slider.

Step 2: Once you see power off slider -> Go ahead and slide to power off 

Step 3: Now, wait for your iPhone to restart and once restarted go ahead and check if the screen flickering issue is fixed or not.

Most of the time just performing a restart will fix issues like screen flickering on iPhone or brightness issues or apps not responding or any other.

Why iPhone Screen Flickering / Glitches

If you have updated your iOS then also some users face these screen flickering issues like brightness issues and iphone keeps turning on and OFF on its own.

If you are using any malware apps which may also cause your screen to flicker

If your are using outdated software then you may get to see screen flickering and update your iPhone to latest version to fix this issue and other troubleshooting methods.

Solution 2: Adjust and Change Brightness Settings

Step 1 : launch  Settings and -> Tap on Display & Brightness .

Step 2 : Now, Drag the slider of the Brightness level to increase or decrease the brightness as per your requirements.

Step 3 :Turn off Automatic Brightness if it is turned ON and enable it.

Solution  3: Reduce Transparency Toggle

You can adjust the contrast ratio as well and see screen flickering issue is gone or not

Step 1 : Open iPhone Settings app >Tap on  Accessibility .

Step 2 : Tap on Display & Text Size-> turn on the Reduce Transparency toggle .

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Solution 4: Update Your Software

Step 1: Launch Setting app -> Click on General

Step 2: Select Software update options -> Check for updates

Step 3: If you have an updated version available on your iPhone then go ahead and update it to the latest version of IOS.

Sometimes, Due to software glitches also you can see iPhone screen flickering issues.

If your iPhone is still not fixed then you need to visit nearby iPhone support and ask them to replace the screen or check what’s the issue with your iPhone.

Solution 5 : Reset All Settings 

  • Step 1 :Launch Settings >General > Tap on Reset .
  • Step 2 : Tap on Reset All Settings .
  • Step 3 : If prompted , enter the passcode and continue .
  • Step 4 : Tap on Reset All Settings to confirm the process .
  • Fix 5 : Erase your iPhone 

Now  wait for your iPhone to restart itself.

Step 1 : Open Settings > General > Reset .

Step 2 : Now, you need to select -> Erase All Content and Settings .

Step 3 : If required , enter the passcode and confirm it .

Step 4 : Finally , reboot your device .

Reason’s Why iPhone screen flickering or glitching

There are many reasons for iPhone screen flickering , including 

  • If you are running short of storage and have insufficient internal memory storage issues then you can get to see these screen glitches and hangs as well and it affects your iPhone performance as well and Iphone Apps get hang or stuck, crashes.
  • This may be a hardware-related problem caused by damaged components on the display circuit board . If the device is dropped or damaged by water ,you may not find any problems immediately , but this does not mean that the event will not damage the device .
  • If you are running outdated software or any problem related to software you can encounter these screen flickering issues and the software may be damaged or there is a software update problem.