Focus feature in IOS 15

What is Focus feature in IOS 15

  • Focus feature in IOS 15 helps to filter and reduce distraction with unwanted notifications and enhance and experience with advanced features which uses artificial intelligence with their photo filters as well and focus on single things using iOS mobile without diversion or interpretations.
  • You can use and access focus features using control panel settings on your iPhone

While customization and flexibility is lacking in Apple’s do not disturb feature. Now iOS 15 set changes with additional focus, which ups the ante on do not disturb with this feature, you can choose a variety of modes like work, sleep, personal, driving. You can get updates by setting alerts from designated apps and contacts.

First open Settings and click on focus

In order to access the focus feature  now open your settings, and scroll till down there you can see its respective tab, and click on it. After that you can select all your focus options

1) Work

2) Personal

3) Driving

4) Do not disturb 

5) Sleep

Focus features can be accessed from the control centre. You can see a dedicated section with this features. When you swipe down on the right side of the display.

Select focus  Feature in IOS 15

Next Select your focus mode. For this purpose choose personal option. When you click on it, their you will find different options.

1) Time sensitive notification

2) Allow notification

3) Share focus status 

4) Customize home screen

5) Automite lock screen

6) Turn on automation

And still there are some additional ways to customize each focus mode.

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Create Your Own Focus Mode

Focus feature will allow you to offer the ability to create your own focus mode. In order to perform this go to settings, followed by focus and click on the custom tab. With control centre long press feature you can get new focus option

Select specific icon and color form the list. After that allow notifications and click on done

Manually Manage focus Mode

After completing the setup process, you can automate them each one turn at a specific time. Also you can manually turn the modes OFF and ON.

To follow the process, swipe down to access the  control centre, long press on focus, and click on the mode you want to enable. If you want to disable the mode, then simply follow the above steps.