YouTube Not Playing Videos On iPhone 12 After iOS 14.4 Update

Fix YouTube Not Playing Videos On iPhone 12 After iOS 14.4 Update

Google apps like YouTube are being updated regularly and new versions will be released to make sure everything is working fine and with the new developments on youtube. Its common to have issues when rolling updates and youtube apps not playing videos and you can fix these issues by performing simple troubleshooting methods.

Lot of  iPhone 12 users reported that they are having issues playing youtube video on iPhone and Youtube can’t play our stream videos.

In this post, we will see what to do if YouTube won’t play videos on iPhone 12 after iOS 14.4 update.

How to Fix Youtube Not Playing videos on iPhone after Update

Follow these below steps to fix youtube not playing videos or cant play videos on iPhone after updating iphone to newer version of iOS.

Solution 1 :- Internet Connection issue

Most of the users have issue with internet wifi and due to slow wifi and cellular data, mobile hotspot slow wifi, users can face this issue and cant play youtube videos on iPhone after update and your wifi keeps on disconnecting and connecting without your notice and you face this issue youtube running very slow or cant play video on iPhone.

Solution 2 :- Close and Open YouTube App

After making sure that your iPhone has a stable internet connection and yet youtube still has an issue. Then try closing it into the forced restart to refresh your device’s memory. Double tap the home button to view all apps that run in the background.

Swipe up on every preview to close them.

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Force Restart Your iPhone to fix cant play videos on youtube

Step 1: Quickly press and release the volume up then the volume down buttons. Immediately after that press and hold the power key.

Step 2: wait for your iPhone to shut down and power backup.

Step 3: And When Apple logo appears on your screen, release the power key and allow the iPhone to finish the restart.

That’s it, once your iphone gets restarted you will not have youtube not playing videos issue will be fixed.

Solution 3 :- Uninstall YouTube And Then Reinstall it

Unisntalling and reinstalling youtub app on your iPhone will fix any issue.

Step 1: Locate your youtube app on your phone.

Step 2:  Tap and hold on its icon until more options show on your iPhone screen.

Step 3: Tap Remove app and then touch delete app.

Step 4: Tap delete to confirm the deletion of the app. Once the app is successfully uninstalled, launch the app store. 

Step 5: Search for youtube and then tap the install icon. Wait for the app to be successfully installed on your iPhone. When the installation is finished tap open to launch it.

Most of the time these are the only things you need to do to fix an app that keeps on crashing. However if for some reason the problem continues, then you have to do the next solution.

Solution 4 :- Factory Reset Your iPhone 

A reset will be able to fix this problem. But make sure to create a backup of your important files and data because they will be deleted and you may not be able to retrieve them. When ready follow these steps.

From the Home screen tap Settings-> tap General. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen -> then touch reset. Tap erase all Content and Settings. Tap erase now, if prompted enter your Security lock. Tap erase iPhone at the bottom of the screen. Tap erase iPhone again to proceed. Now enter your Apple ID password and then tap erase at the upper right corner. Wait until your iPhone has finished the reset and then set it up as a new device.