How to Fix MacBook pro M1 Popping Sound When Music Playing

  • To Fix M1 MacBook Pro Popping Sound when music playing or cracking sound -> You need to change MIDI Setup settings and change audio format settings to 44.1k.
  • Delete Audio Plist files and update your M1 MacBook pro to the latest version of macOS.

On your MacBook pro M1 when you are playing sound on your MacBook pro and popping sound or making crackling sound or left speakers crackling on macOS Monterey or Big Sur or Catalina or any other macOS you can easily fix this issue of popping sound issue on your mac. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many MacBook users experienced the issue of popping sound or sound crackling issue when Playing Musing on MacBook pro Popping Sound crackling or popping or audio popping on MacBook Pro M1 can be easily resolved and changing audio midi setup will fix this issue.

MacBook pro Popping Sound When Music Playing

Below methods will help you get rid of MacBook pro Popping Sound When Music Playing or audio popping issues on MacOS Monterey or Big Sur or Catalina.

Change Audio MIDI Setup on MacBook Pro

Step 1: On your MacBook Pro -> Click on Launchpad and Search for Audio midi setup

Step 2: Click on Audio MIDI Setup.

Step 3: Click on Built in Output on the left side – if you are using an external speaker then select external speaker output.

Step 4: Now, Next to Format -> click on the drop down button and select the format to 44.1k

That’s it, once you change audio MIDI setup settings then go ahead and check with the audio on your macbook pro or air and your issue of macbook pro m1 popping sound or crackling sound issue will be resolved successfully when playing audio on macbook pro m1.

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Delete Audio Plist File

Deleting  plist file on your macbook pro will solve the issue of audio issues or audio cracking sound on your MacBook pro or air m1 chip.

Step 1: Click on the Go button on top apple menu

Step 2: Now, Click  the computer option

Step 3: Click on the Macintosh HD

Step 4: Click on the Library folder.

Step 5: Now, click on Preferences

Step 6: Click on Audio folder

Step 7: From the audio folder -> Select files and files and Right Click on them and select Move to Trash and delete these plist from your computer trash folder as well.

That’s it, once you delete the audio plist list from your macbook pro m1 from the audio folder then your issue of macbook pro crackling sound or crackling sound from external speakers or internal speaker issue will be resolved.

Update M1 MacBook Pro to Latest macOS

Step 1: Open System Preferences on your M1 MacBook pro or Air

Step 2: Click on Software Update

Step 3: If the update option is available then go ahead and update your m1 macbook pro to the latest macOS Monterrey update and wait for the update to complete.

Now, once your macOS is updated from your macbook pro m1 to the latest macOS then your sound issue on macbook pro m1 crackling or sound popping or any other sound issues will be fixed.

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