How to Fix MacBook Pro M1 Touch Bar Not Working

  • To fix MacBook Pro M1 Touch Bar Not Working or responding slow or not responding to touch -> you need to restart touch bar using mac terminal.
  • Open Mac Terminal and execute this command -> sudo pkill TouchBarServices and restart your computer.
  • Quit Control Strip app and TouchBarService Application using activity monitor and update macOS to latest version of Monterey version.

If your MacBook pro m1 touch bar is not working or not responding to touch or MacBook pro touch bar not showing volume or touch bar brightness not working and brightness slider is not working or MacBook pro unable to complete touch id enrollment then you can fix this issue of MacBook pro m1 touch bar not working easily by these simple steps. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can experience issues like, MacBook pro m1 touch is responding too slow or touch bar is unresponsive on MacBook pro m1 and many MacBook pro M1 users experienced this issue of touch bar not working at some point and for some of the users a simple force restarting MacBook solved the problem and other methods.

MacBook Pro M1 Touch Bar Not Working

Below MacBook Pro M1 troubleshooting methods will help you get back your touch bar working and fix mac m1 pro touch bar not working issue.

Restart Touch Bar Using Terminal

Step 1: Click on Spotlight Search on the top right side menu and type in terminal and open mac terminal.

Step 2: In MacBook pro M1 terminal -> type in sudo pkill TouchBarService and hit return key on your keyboard.

Step 3: Now, enter your password for your MacBook pro m1 and hit the return key.

Step 4: Your touch bar gets restarted and go ahead and restart your MacBook pro M1 computer.

That’s it, once you restart touch bar using terminal and execute command and restart your macbook pro m1 then your issue of MacBook Pro M1 touch bar not working or responding too slow or unresponsive issue will be resolved successfully.

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Quit Control Strip App and TouchBarService Apps From Activity Monitor

Quit Control Strip App

Step 1: Open spotlight search and type in Activity Monitor and open it.

Step 2: Click on CPU tab on top in Activity Monitor and click on search bar and type in control strip.

Step 3: Click on Control Strip Application -> click on Quit and Confirm Quit in Pop up box.

Quit TouchBarService 

Step 4: Now, in Activity Monitor Search for TouchBarService and click on it.

Step 5: Click on TouchBarService and click on Quit

Step 6: Confirm Quit in Popup box.

Now, go ahead and check your touch bar on MacBook Pro m1 will be working fine now.

Update Your MacBook Pro M1 to latest iOS

You need to update your MacBook pro m1 to the latest macOS monterey and update it, sometimes there may be a software glitch from apple iOS.

Step 1: Click on the apple logo on the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on System Preferences

Step 3: Now, Click on Software Update and wait for your MacBook Pro M1 to Check for Update and if there is any new version of MacOS Monterey update is available then click on install new update and wait for your macOS to update it to latest macOS.

Once you Update your MacOS then your issue of touch bar not working or not responding to touch or touch bar responding slow or cant increase volume using touch bar or brightness not working using touch bar on MacBook Pro M1 issue will be resolved successfully.

Why MacBook Pro M1 Touch Bar Not Working

This can happen to several reason and if installed applications are malfunctioned and heavy usage of applications which needs more ram to consume, cpu and disk space and memory or due to software glitches or if you are running outdated version of macOS ie, older version of MacOS and also due to hardware damage as well.

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