How to Fix Samsung Watch Touch Screen Not Working


If your Samsung galaxy watch touch screen is not working  or it can be galaxy watch active 2 ghost touch issue or any touch screen issues on your Samsung galaxy watch 4 then you can easily fix this issue and get back your Samsung galaxy watch 4 touch to work properly. So, let’s see in detail below.

Many users experienced this issue of touch screen or swiping doesn’t work all of sudden and by just force restarting your samsung galaxy watch 4 you can fix this issue if there is an issue with software or technical glitches or any minor touch issue on samsung galaxy watch 4.

Fix Samsung Watch Touch Screen Not Working

Below methods will help you fix samsung galaxy watch touch screen not working issue or ghost touch screen issue.

Force Restart Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Step 1: Grab your samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Step 2: Press and hold volume up button and side power button or crown button for 10 seconds

Step 3: Release these buttons once you see the Samsung logo on your galaxy watch 4.

Step 4: Now, wait for your samsung galaxy watch 4 to restart completely and check the touch screen is working on  samsung galaxy watch 4.

Once you perform force restart then if there are any technical or software  glitches will be fixed and your issue of Samsung watch touch screen not working or cant swipe on galaxy watch 4 will be resolved successfully.

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Remove Samsung Galaxy Watch4 from Charging

If you charge your galaxy watch and then use galaxy watch 4 while charging then you can experience this issue, so remove galaxy watch from charging and see.

Turn off Water Clock Mode

Step 1: Press and hold volume up button and once you hear sound or vibrates then release the side button.

Step 2: If your samsung galaxy 4 is in water lock mode then swipe or touch will not work as the samsung galaxy watch 4 will  be in lock mode and it prevents from swiping from top to bottom or left to right.

Once you turn off the water clock then the touch screen on galaxy watch 4 will work properly now, if samsung galaxy watch is in water lock mode.

Turn on Touch Sensitivity

Step 1: Swipe up on samsung galaxy watch and tap on settings

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Display

Step 3: Now, find touch sensitivity and toggle the button next to it.

If you are wearing gloves or something on your hand then touch screen on samsung galaxy watch will not work and inorder to get it worked and touch and swipe to work when wearing gloves or anything on your hand then you need to enable touch sensitivity and your issue of samsung watch touch screen not working will be resolved.

Factory Reset

Factory reset methods will erase all data from your samsung galaxy watch 4.

Step 1: Press and hold the power button until it shows samsung and rebooting on your samsung galaxy watch.

Step 2: Now, Keep pressing the up button until you see the power option on your galaxy watch 4.

Step 3: Select Factory reset option here and press and hold power button and your samsung galaxy watch 4 will start restart and factory reset your samsung galaxy watch 4.

Once you factory reset samsung galaxy watch 4 then all your data will be wiped out and all settings will be restored to its factory default settings and your issue of touch not working on samsung galaxy watch 4 or any issue with samsung watch 4 will be resolved.

How do I fix my Samsung watch’s unresponsive touch screen?

Force restart your samsung galaxy watch if it becomes unresponsive and reboot samsung galaxy watch and update your galaxy watch software to the latest version.


How do you unfreeze a Samsung watch screen?

To unfreeze samsung galaxy watch screen -> press and hold power key for more than 7 seconds and rest your samsung galaxy watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch screen issues

Make sure that the watch is physically not damaged and just force restart and exit water clock mode or swim mode and reset samsung galaxy watch.

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