How to fix Bluetooth Not Connecting on MacBook Bigsur OS

MacOS Big Sur look so stylish in appearance at the same time, they are common glitches which makes us really sad with few of the issues like Bluetooth issues on macbook, screen flickering issue, touch id not working or any other macbook issues.

When people update to macOS bigsur, they complain that their Bluetooth continuously disconnects hopefully when it connects, the sound is not playing in the Bluetooth device. It’s really a frustrating one. So here are the some solutions to get rid of this issue.

Delete Bluetooth plist file on your Mac

From the forum, many people recommended this solution. Because it works like a charm. So you can try this method. For that.

Step 1: Go to the finder and Tap on “go”.

Step 2: And you can see go to folder option, select that one.

Step 3: And type the following text which is visible here that is.   “~/Library/Preference/ByHost” and click on Go.

Step 4: You will see list of Plist file and copy plist file and create a new folder with bluetooth plist and paste it in that folder.

Step 5: Now, go ahead and delete plist file and move to trash and go ahead and check bluetooth is connecting on mac or not.

Solution 2 : Use Terminal and Execute Commands

Step 1: Open Terminal App

Step 2: Type sudo rm-rf/Library/audio/plugins/HAL/ and hit enter and enter password of your mac and wait for the command to exectue.

Step 3: Now, close terminal and restart your mac and check.

Step 3: Keep Bluetooth in Pairing Mode

Make sure your bluetooth device that you are connecting is in pairing mode and let mac discover it and then add device and pair it with your mac.

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Step 4: Reset. Bluetooth Device

You need to reset your bluetooth device and make sure your bluetooth device like Airpods or headphones are not connected to your iPhone or other device and grab your bluetooth device and reset it and then connect it to your mac.

Solution 5 : Update your Mac

You need to check if there is any software update issue and you need to udpate your mac to latest version of mac.

  1. Keeping the Mac without updating also creates a problem.
  2. So for that, launch settings preference.
  3. Select the software update.
  4. And check if any update is available.
  5. If the update is available, tap on “ upgrade now” option to update the version.
Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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