How to fix MacBook air-pro screen flickering

How to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering

On your MacBook if you are suddenly experiencing screen flickering issue all of sudden, then you need to try these below solutions to fix this MacBook air/pro screen flickering issue, MacBook air/pro screen flickering can be caused due to any software glitch, graphic card issue, mac os update  or any other issues and you can easily resolve this on your own by following simple steps below.

MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

Restart your Mac to Fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

If there is a software glitch by restarting you MacBook this issue will be resolved.

If possible , shutdown your mac by using apple menu-> Apple icon on top and select shutdown or else hold down the power button until your mac gets turns off.

Once you MacBook gets shutdown, remove all the external connection like, printer, external hard disk, usb, scanners and etc.

After removing all external connectors wait for some time and turn on your MacBook if there is an issue with software on your MacBook, then this will resolve your issue and if this doesn’t solve your issue of MacBook air/pro screen flickering then follow below methods to fix.

Reset SMC to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

Step 1: Turn off your mac and hold down -> Shift + Power + Option + Power Button simultaneously,

Step 2: Hold down for 10 seconds and release the keys.

Step 3: Now turn on your mac.

This will reset your SMC on your MacBook and once done MacBook air/pro screen flickering issue will be resolved.

Reset PRAM/NVRAM to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

Step 1: Turn on by pressing power button on your Mac and immediately hold down -> Option + Command + P + R Keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Release the keys when you hear start-up sound or apple logo appears for the second time.

Step 3: Wait until your Mac Restarts.

Once your MacBook air or MacBook pro restarts, you will not be facing any issues of screen flickering or MacBook air/pro screen flickering will be resolved.

Restart your Mac in Safe Mode to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering

Step 1: Turn on your Mac and hold shift key on your MacBook pro or MacBook air until the login window appears.

Note: Don’t let go shift key when you see apple logo.

Step 2: Now Login with your credential if file vault asks you to login twice.

Fix Disk Errors in Recovery Mode to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

Step 1: Turn on your Mac by Pressing Power button.

Step 2: Now immediately hold down these button after pressing power button -> Command + R Keys.

Step 3:

Hold down these keys until the apple logo appears.

Step 4: Now, On your MacBook you will see utilities window->Select Disk Utilities and continue.

Step 5: Select your Hard disk from the left side pane.

Step 6: Now click on first Aid tab and select Run.

Step 7: Now your MacBook will check for errors and fix disk errors on your MacBook.

Step 8: Click on Done and exit utility window and restart your MacBook.

Once you restart, issue of  MacBook air/pro screen flickering will be resolved.

Reinstall macOS to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering:

Step 1: Turn off you mac and press key combination as below of step 2.

Step 2: After pressing power button, immediately hold down -> Command + R Keys until apple logo appears.

Step 3: Now, Mac utilities window will appear -> Select Reinstall macOS and click continue.

Step 4: Now follow on screen instructions to install macOS.

Why screen flickering issue occurs on MacBook?

This issue occurs due to software glitch or it can also be seen with issues like graphic card and other screen related display settings gets disturbed due to heavy usage as well or any macOS updates.

How to fix MacBook air/pro screen flickering?

This can be fixed by several different methods, by reset SMC, PRAM/NVRAM., reinstall macOS or by just restarting your Mac or restarting your mac in safe mode and other steps explained int his article.