How to fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro

How to fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro:

Often WIFI connection gets connected easily with ease when you turn on your WIFI without fronting any WIFI connection problems on MacBook pro, but some times due to network issues when you connect it will lead to problems an your MacBook pro wont connect to WIFI or other devices or some times it keeps disconnecting as well, There are couple of methods to fix this wifi connection problems on MacBook pro with simple and easy steps you can straightforwardly fix this annoying and maddening problem, let’s see how to fix WIFI connection problems on matchbook pro below in detail.

How to Fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro:

Method 1: Forget the Wifi Network to Fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro:

Step 1: Click on Apple Menu on your MacBook Pro and Click on System Preferences.

Step 2: Once you click on System Preference click on Network Icon, Network setting will be prompted on your MacBook pro screen.

Step 3: Now, on the left column under network settings, select WIFI options

Step 4: Now Click on Advanced button.

Step 5: Select your wifi name on your preferred networks->Network name of WIFI.

Step 6: Now just click on –(minus) sign, this will forget the wifi network on your macbook pro.

Step 7: Click on ok and Apply.

Step 8:  Now Restart your MacBook Pro.

Note: Its not over yet, you need to perform few more steps to forget the wifi network

Step 9: After restarting, Navigate to wifi options in network and try to reconnect.

Step 10: You will be prompted to enter the password of your wifi ( enter the correct password or it will wont connect) since you have forget the wifi network it will ask password again. Enter the password and check remember this network.

Step 10: Now click on Join option, you will be connected to your wifi.

That’s it, forgetting wifi will be simple and easy way to fix wifi connection problems on macbook pro, if this doesn’t work for you then follow the method 2.

Method 2: Changing DNS Server to Fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro

Step 1: Click on Apple icon and select System preferences from apple menu.

Step 2: Click on Network control panel and select wifi on left side section.

Step 3: Click on Advanced.

Step 4: Click on DNS tab on top.

Step 5: Now Click on Plus (+) button under section DNS Servers and Enter DNS.

Step 6: In DNS server settings enter this

Step 7: Click on Plus button again under DNS server settings and now enter this:

Step 8: Click on Ok and Apply button.

Once you have changed DNS server settings on your MacBook pro, you will be able to connect wifi on your Mac book pro without having any problems of wifi connection on your MacBook. If this doesn’t work try method 3.

Method 3: Change location Automatically to Fix WIFI Connection Problems on MacBook Pro

 Step 1: Click on Apple logo -> System Preferences-> Click Network icon

Step 2: Left side panel, click on wifi.

Step 3: Now, Click under dropdown of Location and Select change location to Automatic.

Step 4: Go to Advanced->Select TCP/IP tab.

Step 5: Click on Renew DHCP Lease.

Step 6: Click on OK and APPLY.

Change location to automatic will resolve your issue of wifi connection problems on MachBook pro.

Any Other Applications to solve WIFI connection problems on MacBook Pro?

Yes, there are many but mostly used is wifi explore which shows you whats happening with your network and identifies issues and shows you the ways how to fix issues with wifi connection which also include many advanced feature which make a beginner level user of macbook pro leaving in confusion state, but wifi explorer provides extensive range of details like band signal, range of wifi, routing, security issues as well and many more.

Does Apple Provide Diagnostic by Default?

Apple provides wireless diagnostics when you mac book doesn’t connect to internet over wifi, you can run this wireless diagnostics and solve the issue as well and will also monitor your wifi connection and triggers when your wifi connecting problem is dropped and saves report to summarize.

MacBook Not Connecting to WIFI

Check for any software update, forget the wifi network, change DNS settings or change location to automatic to solve MacBook not connection to wifi.

Does Changing DNS server Settings will fix wifi connection problem on MacBook pro?

Sometimes, it will work and occasionally it won’t, it depends on why your wifi is getting drop, you can also try other option to fix wifi connection problem on MacBook explained in this article.