How to Fix Error iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes

iPhone disabled connecting to iTunes leads to reset your iPhone, and this happens due to entering wrong passcode, by entering recovery mode and restore previous version of your iPhone from iCloud.

An by entering into recovery mode and resetting iphone to previous and by performing few steps and by connecting on your iPhone connected to your computer or laptop and restore your iPhone will help you fix this error iPhone disabled connect to iTunes.

How to fix iPhone disabled connect to iTunes

Step 1: Power Off your iPhone device

Step 2: Insert USB Cable to your laptop or computer and hold power or Home Button till you see apple logo.

Step 3: Your iPhone device will show iTunes logo and USB cable.

Note: If your iPhone did not popup automatically, then open iTunes on your computer or laptop.

Step 5: Click on restore and restore and update.

Step 6: Click next to continue and download and will start iPhone recovery mode and will verify your iPhone and update software.

Step 4: After downloading it will extract file and it will verify and restore automatically on your iPhone.

Step 5: Once iPhone gets updated with latest firmware you will be restored and start working and you will face iPhone disabled connect to iTunes.

Now you can setup your device as per your requirements and if your device contains iCloud account before restore then enter details to restore.

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Why iPhone disabled connect to iTunes?

This is due to entering wrong pass code, entering wrong passcode on your iPhone often leads to disabling accounts and will not let you access your iPhone, due to security reasons that is why iPhone will disable your account and to get it work normally you need to reset your iPhone by connecting it your computer and performing above steps will help you fix iPhone disabled connect to iTunes.

How to Stop your iPhone Getting Disabled?

Only way is to disable passcode or stop entering wrong passcode on your iPhone.

How do you unlock iPhone disabled connect to itunes?

Reset the iPhone by connecting to your computer or laptop and follow steps explained in this article.

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