How to Fix iPhone 14 Object Detection Problems

On your iPhone 14 if you are seeing object detection problem when using iphone 14 camera all of sudden then this can be a technical glitch from iOS update or your iPhone camera lens is filled with dust or debris and grab a soft cloth and clean iPhone 14 camera lens and update iPhone to latest version and also reset camera settings if required.

Why Is My iPhone 14 Not Detecting Objects?

At some point few users will be experiencing this issue of camera blurry or camera quality issues with iPhone due to dust on iPhone camera lens and If iPhone 14 is not detecting objects when using camera on iPhone 14, this is due to dust or debris covering iPhone 14 camera lens and you need to clean iphone camera lens and force restart your iPhone and check.

How to Fix iPhone 14 Object Detection Problems

Follow below methods ad find easy ways for troubleshooting iPhone 14 Object Detection Problems

Clean camera Lens 

Grab a soft cloth and then clean camera lens and clear dust or debris on camera lens of iPhone 14 and then check iPhone 14 object detection problem will be resolved.

Use camera lens cleaner and clean iphone camera lens with soft cloth, if dust gets covered on iphone 14 camera lens then iphone 14 camera will not detect objects properly and this is the main reason why camera shows blur or object detection issue will occur on iPhone 14 camera when capturing photos or scan qr code etc.

Reboot Camera or Power Cycle Camera

Grab your iPhone 14 and simply Swipe from bottom to top slowly and find camera app and swipe to top to close camera app on iPhone 14 and then reopen camera app and check. Iphone object detection problem will be resolved.

Close and Open camera on iPhone and this will reboot camera and if there are any camera bugs or software issues from iOS update 16 or later then this issue will be resolved and you need to force restart your iPhone 14 to get rid of this issue.

Review and Change Camera Settings iPhone 14

If camera settings were changed on your iPhone 14, then you can experience this issue and the changes in camera settings happen if you have updated your iPhone or camera settings have accidently got changed without your notice or someone may have changed camera settings.

Step 1: Launch settings on iPhone 14

Step 2: Locate camera app and tap on camera

Step 3: Find Scan QR Codes and Toggle the button next to it and enable -> Scan QR Codes and this detects objects when you scan QR codes.

Step 4: Turn on Show Detected Text option.

Step 5: Turn on Scene Detection and toggle the button next to it.

Once you enable scan qr codes, show Detected text and scene detection option then go ahead and open camera app and then check with iPhone camera object detection will be working fine as normal.

Force Restart iPhone 14

Press volume up arrow on iPhone 14 side button and then instantly press volume down button and then press and hold side power button and keep holding this until you see iphone logo on your iPhone 14 and then release power button after seeing apple logo and wait for iPhone to reboot. Once iPhone gets rebooted then your issue of iPhone 14 camera objet detection problems like objects detection not working issue will be resolved.

Update iPhone

If you are running older version of iOS or a new version of iOS 16 or later is available on your iPhone then this could be a bug from iPhone iOS released version of update and after updating iPhone you are experiencing iPhone 14 not detecting objects then you need to update iPhone 14 to latest version of iOS 16 or 17 or other version of iOS and to update iPhone to latest version of iOS -> Go to Settings -> General -> Software update and update iPhone 14 to latest version.

Reset Camera Settings – All Settings

Open settings -> Tap on General -> Tap on transfer or reset option and then tap on reset -> tap on Reset all settings here and enter iPhone 14 passcode and confirm reset all settings and reset it to default settings.

After resetting all settings on iPhone 14, this will reset camera settings on iPhone 14 and it will restore camera settings to its default and your issue of iPhone 14 Not Detecting Objects problem will be resolved successfully.

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