The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Blurry iPad Pro Photos and Videos


On your iPad if you are taking photos or videos and you are getting blurry videos, or photos all of sudden then you need to clean ipad camera lens with soft cloth and remove any screen protector on iPad pro and other solutions below. So, lets see in details below.

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Blurry iPad Pro Photos and Videos

Follow iPad pro troubleshooting guide to fix blurry photos and vides on iPad Pro.

Clean ipad Pro  Camera Lens

Step 1: Grab your iPad and Grab a soft cloth and use iPad pro cleaning solution here on ipad Pro camera

Step 2: Gently rub and clean iPad pro camera lens properly here and make sure any dust or debris on iPad Pro camera lens and clean it.

Once you clean ipad pro camera lens then go ahead and check with iPad pro camera and you will not get any blurry photos or videos on iPad pro.

Force Restart iPad pro 

Due to technical glitches or software issue iPadOS you can experience issue of iPad pro blurry photos or videos and you need to simply force restart your iPad and this can do wonders and iPad pro blurry photos or videos issue will be fixed easily and to force restart iPad pro -> Press and hold power button and volume down or volume up button until you see apple logo on iPad pro screen and release both buttons after appel logo appears and wait for iPad pro to restart.

After force restarting your iPad Pro your issue of ipad pro blurry photos or videos issue will be fixed successfully.

Remove Screen Protector or iPad Pro Cover Case

If you are having screen protector or iPad pro case, this may come in between sometimes and you need to try to remove screen protector or ipad pro case cover and then try to take photo or video on iPad pro and check.

Keep iPad Pro stable When Taking Photos or Videos

If you shake a little bit or you are taking photos or videos on ipad pro when iPad pro moving a little bit then you will get photos or videos blurr and you need to keep your iPad pro stable.

Use Stand

If you are having iPad pro camera stand then try to take photos or videos keeping ipad pro on stand and then check.

Update ipad  pro to latest version

Sometimes, due to iPad OS bug yu can get to see blurry photos or videos as well and you need to go to ipad settings and update iPadOS to latest version will also fix blurry photos or videos sometimes.

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